I'm about to give away the keys to the golden gates to the castle of copywriting.  And while this will risk the wrath of other copywriters the world over, it's important to tell you this, so you know what to do when your copywriter starts work with you, or when certain things happen.

Actually, what this article is really about is what an SEO copywriter should be saying to you – and what you should look out for to see if you've made the right choice in your staff member.  A lot of copywriters promise the moon and stars and then end up disappointing clients, which is why more of us, myself included, now try to include honest information in our discussions.  So if your copywriter tells you something like this, it's not them being lazy – far from it.

  1. Scenarios vary – results do too.
    Copywriters that promise their clients the first result on Google are doing two things – they're setting their client up (potentially) for a (very) long campaign, and making themselves a lot of money, or they're cheating somehow.  SEO copywriters SHOULD promise high results – but the first position on Google?  For every client?  Probably not possible – not simply from SEO copywriting anyway.
  2. SEO copywriting works in synergy with other SEO techniques
    Many SEO copywriters tell their clients that the only thing they need is SEO copywriting.  They don't need to do on page work, they don't need to generate backlinks – they don't even need to court customers via social networking.  And while it's true to a point – copywriting in general is your face online – you do need to do other work.  Sensible copywriters know this, and know that all of this takes time.
  3. SEO takes time to work
    SEO copywriting can take a period of time to work.  It's not sensible to expect that your business is going to pop up to the top like a rocket, and that any movement you see is because you've actually completed something that needed to be done.  SEO copywriters that promise the work will create an instant change are often wrong and disappoint clients.
  4. Spun articles don't work
    One of the big bugbears in the SEO copywriting community right now is people that use PLR and spun articles inappropriately – in fact if they're using them at all, many people in the community feel that this is wrong.  Mostly because though the client thinks they're getting value for money, in many cases they're not.  Spun articles especially need to be handled with care – or they can prove to be badly written and barely correct because of the methods used to make them unique.  Chances are the worst articles come from spun PLR that was barely correct grammatically in the first place – and if you're using that as content on your site, or as guest posts for SEO purposes, the only person to suffer is you.
  5. It can be done
    Actually, this one is one of the few that I'd go with only in a very few circumstances.  What most SEO copywriters mean when they say 'it can't be done' instead of 'it can' is they don't know how.  And it's possible they're right, it can't be done – but if it can't be done, then they should offer an alternative.  The very best SEO copywriters (and they're gold dust when you find them) know how to not only create engaging content, but how to ensure that the content that you're putting out fits your image, and can do it in unique ways.


Understanding how to leverage SEO copywriters is the easiest way to ensure you get the best content for your budget.