web design and contentWeb design and website maintenance are connected like a pair of twins. It is certain you have to maintain a website if you have one or had one designed for you. If you want to run a successful website you should always be looking to improve it. The internet has created one of the most competitive marketplaces you can imagine. If you become complacent there is almost certainly a competitor waiting to take your place.

With that said, it’s easy to decide you need to make improvements and something completely different to decide what needs to be done. The right choice depends on the type of website you’re running and your goals but there are still steps that almost anyone can take to improve their site.

Make It More Visual

What do people see when they load up your website? Hopefully, your page is well designed, but you want your content to look good too. There’s a reason that most popular sites integrate imagery into their pages. Photos, infographics, and other images can make your page look more attractive and help illustrate the point you’re trying to make

When uploading images make sure that they are properly optimized. You should avoid uploading images that are bigger than one megabyte. Large images make your site difficult to load for people with slow internet.

Connect It With Social Media

In the past, a website was all that was needed for a company’s web presence, but that’s changing. People aren’t just experiencing the web through search engines like Google, they’re navigating the internet through social networks. If you want to do all your can to reach your audience you should consider creating profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

If you do have a presence on social networks you should link them with your website. Things like social toolbars that allow people to “like” and “share” your content can create synergy between your site and social media pages. If you can get people to share your material with their friends and contacts you can get the best kind of advertising, the free type.

Add A Steady Content Stream

How often do you upload new material to your website? Some sites, like blogs, obviously need to be updated regularly to succeed. However, if you have a website for your business it might seem like you can get away with uploading your site and leaving it alone. If your site to grow in prominence then this is usually the wrong strategy.

By adding new material to your site on a regular basis, you keep visitors coming back and make your site look more up-to-date. If people come to a site and find that it hasn’t been updated in years then people might question if the owner is around anymore. Adding a blog or a news section can help assure people that you are still in business.

Hire Content Creators

The difficulty with adding new material to your site is that it needs to be created, and that takes time and effort. It’s hard to run a business and a blog at the same time, especially if you don’t feel comfortable as a writer.

This is why many companies hire people to create content for their site. Writers can create readable updates and graphic artists can craft imagery that will bring your site to life. You can try to do these things yourself but unless you are a very skilled artist or writer then your site won’t appear as professional as it might.

Experiment Purposefully

Making changes is important, but you also need to track the results of your changes. That’s why you should be tracking the traffic your site is getting and what people are doing when they get on your site. If you make a change to your site you want to know if it leads to people sticking around or leaving quicker than before.

Don’t struggle blindly, that’s a strategy for wasting time and money. Experimentation is essential to progress but if you don’t keep track of your results then you’re leaving things up to chance. Your time and your website are too valuable for that.

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