A great way to enhance your geo-targeted area authority is by adding a Google map to area specific pages and posts. There are many java script maps available, even fancy ones that include tabs for walkability scores, local businesses (Yelp), Zillow, schools and more.

These fancier maps might look nifty from a usability standpoint, but they really won’t benefit your geo-targeted SEO. Search engines are smart but they can’t watch a movie and they can’t read java script – hence the reason why we recommend using a straightforward, interactive, embedded Google Map.

How to Embed a Google Map for Geo-targeted SEO

Embedding a Google map into html is as easy as embedding the iframe of a YouTube video – copy paste 1-2-3. That being said, I like to add a title to the map with the use of a heading tag, such as <h5>Map of Huntsville Alabama</h5>.  Titling the map with a heading tag also makes it easier to insert the map iframe in the right spot when you are in html view. Easy step-by-step instructions for adding a Google map at the bottom of your page:

  1. Click on Google Maps to open up the search box
  2. Type in the area you want to geo-target into the search box. You can search by country, state, city, county, zip code, multiple zip codes or unique street address.
  3. The map will open and in the upper right corner you will see a link button.  Click on the Link and copy the iframe code from “Paste HTML to embed in website.”
  4. Open the html view of your page and scroll down until you find the place where you want the iframe of the map inserted.  Save or update.
  5. Paste in the iframe code in html view – save draft or update.
  6. You should now see an interactive Google map on your page.

Make sure the blue “view larger map” link located below the map opens in a new window so site visitors don’t click on the link and leave your site. Simply highlight the link and click on the create link text editor icon and choose “open in a new window.” By adding a Google map within your contentyou are helping Google, Bing and the other SEs ascertain what area you want to geo-target for your specific products and/or services. You are literally pulling data from Google. How can that be wrong? Google LOVES its own content! We provide geo-targeted SEO content services and specialize in product and/or service area profile pages.

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Map of Huntsville, Alabama

View Larger Map (Don’t forget to close this link)