In the past few years Google has become practically synonymous with the Internet, and the World Wide Web. A multi-billion business, with thousands of employees globally, and the most trustworthy search engine – Google decided to extend its influence as much as possible in the virtual field. Currently, the California headquartered company owns a multitude of personal tools (Google+, Google Maps, Google Analytics), as well as operating systems (Android) and online music channels (YouTube).

Believe it or not, Google can make your life easier in many ways, from sorting your data, to helping you reach the Internet results most relevant for you. Behind this successful operation lies a handful of people, working on developing the most accurate geographical and statistical schemes, in order to make the world a more efficient place.

If you take blogging seriously, you must probably be aware of the possibilities Google Analytics is offering you. However, for those who are still new in the business or would like to learn a little extra about how exactly this tool could boost their blogging experience, here are some tips anyone can follow:

Tip 1: Get To Know Your Readers Better

Keeping in touch with the readers is on top of the list for every respected blogger.The wonderful world of Google Analytics will give you insights about your readers and the area from which they are accessing your blog account. The first thing you need to do is to create an account with Google Analytics, then search through its plethora of functions and opportunities. If you want to know more about the geographic position of your readers, go to Audience then click Demographics and Location. In order to make things even better, you can filter your data according to specific parameters. For instance, you can see how many readers you have by country, by city, or by continent. Make sure you check this tool constantly, to notice an increase in your traffic by selecting areas, after you post certain content on your blog. However, do not be surprised if your top followers come from the same area or even city like you. One tip to make your blog more appealing to international bloggers would be to translate all your content, or to post directly into at least one foreign language (for instance, if your native tongue is not English, you could try making your posts also available in this language).

Tip 2: Use The Internal Site Search Terms To Get Ideas About Your Following Posts


If you are not really sure about what to write next, you could learn a lot more from your visitors. With Google Analytics you could easily get inside information regarding your viewers’ top preferences. In your Google Analytics account, go to content then Site Search and Search Terms. This way you will see the top 10 keywords searched by your viewers and get inspired about your future content blog. If your ultimate blogger goal is to increase your number of followers, their opinions could weight a lot. However, one of the easiest Google Analytics alternatives is to get directly in touch with your readers and ask them about their opinion. Their suggestions could determine you to settle a list of topics you may want to approach on your future blog posts.

Tip 3: Get Acquainted With Your Returning Visitor Ratio


This Google Analytics specialized tool can tell you in a glimpse how many of your individual readers come back reading your blog over a period of time, or how many of them are following you on a regular basis. This tool is extremely important if you want to keep your readers happy and willing to increase your blog traffic regularly.


In case, you don’t want to use Google Analytics, you can read about a lot of other website analytics tools here.