google authorship, blogging tips. seo blogging tipsBefore the Internet, there were very clear ways to tell if a piece of writing had authority or not. Any piece published in a magazine or newspaper is vetted by editors to make sure that it meets a certain standard before it goes out to print.   It never was a perfect process but it ensured that people could generally trust what they read. The internet is different. Today anyone can publish anything for the world to read. In this way the Internet really is the wild West of information. That’s great for people who just want to speak their mind, but if you aspire to actually develop a following and a reputation for quality you have to take additional steps.

One important tool for promoting your work and developing a reputation is the Google Authorship program.

What Is Google Authorship?

If you’ve done a Google search lately you’ve probably noticed that certain results have photos next to them. This image of the writer along with their name and Google+ statistics are generated by the Google authorship program. The idea is that it allows Google to track writers who sign up across the web, keeping track of their writing and using their status as an author to rank pages they work on. The benefits of signing up for this program should be clear. For one thing eyes are naturally drawn to images of faces. Having a photo next to your link on Google will help it stand out in a crowded field. Another advantage is the fact that now your authority can automatically carry over across the web. Most professional bloggers write for a number of sites but in the past Google had no way of connecting those pages together. Now Google can apply your developed authority to any blog post you write.

How to Set Up Google Authorship


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How to Take Advantage of Authorship

The first step to using the Google Authorship program is signing up for Google+. If you want to promote your site online you need to have one of these one way or the other so you might as well do it now. Make sure you upload a photo that you’d like to see next to your writing. Next you have to go to your Google+ profile and visit the “contributor to” section and fill in the name and URL of your webpage. From there it’s a matter of connecting your posts to your profile on your site. This can be either complicated or simple depending on the blogging platform you use. The two main choice are utilizing a verified email or an HTML link generated by Google. Check out their help page on the topic for more detailed instructions.

Growing Your Identity as a Writer

The Internet is a crowded and cutthroat market, and if you want to get ahead you have to be willing to take those extra steps that others ignore. Every little advantage adds up over time, setting you apart from your competition and getting you closer to the success you desire. If you want your writing to get noticed you have to grow your identity as a writer. Google Authorship offers just that. Try it today and as long as you produce work of value you’ll be on your way to the kind of online presence that you need to become a popular and profitable writer.

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