If you were to do a Google search for the same topic, you’ll find many responses and estimates showing a wide range depending on whether you do it yourself, manage it yourself, have a maintenance contract, using a web design company and the list goes on. Truth of the matter is cost will vary depending on your goals and objectives. Most people decide they want a website and have no concept of what is involved or what they want the website to do for them or their business. They have heard they should have one and so they want one! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of businesses, including you, that do a good amount of research so they have a pretty good idea of what they want and their objectives and purpose for the website. Those are my best clients and their website is ready in short order at a reasonable cost.


What is the Cost

Website costs range from $1000 to $5000 by some estimates depending on the type of website. The cost breakdown is pretty specific in the post in the previous  link and a range is given to cover different aspects such as complexity and options.


There are other examples like the post in about.com trying to answer the same question. Here the breakdown is more specific without a range but the post estimates the cost to be between $500 -$5000 or more.


Yet another estimate puts it in different categories at different prices. I see these as opinions based on some localized facts. Truth of the matter is website cost is more regional. For example if you hire a designer from New York, you’ll be paying much higher price than if you hire a designer from Anderson, Alabama or some other smaller town.


There are, of course, the DIY and the-monthly-charged template driven websites. These tend to be cheaper but very limited in features, flexibilities and future expansions. There are no free lunches and you get what you pay for and so it boils down to what your objectives are and what you want your website to do for you. You can choose from $8.99 per month forever to $5000 or more one-time fee. With a range like that, a business owner must do some research and determine what they want the website to accomplish for them unless you have a money tree in your office! If its  just to have a website then maybe the $8.99 per month would do the job but if you want to be an authority website, grow your business, increase sales and create a long term brand, then maybe finding a firm that will do all that is the right way to go.


The verdict

Looking at all these estimates, and there are plenty of them, one gets the feeling the cost of a website is all over the place and there are no standard and that is true. The reason is no two websites have the same requirements and functionality and the rates vary from town to city so its hard to say and its hard to put the cost in certain category boxes with some estimate attached to it. There are some general facts that will determine the cost and that’s why you want the designer to provide an estimate or a quote for what you want. Whether a business is in a small town or a big city, there is access to designers who could the job for you. Pick your region, choose a couple of designers or firms and look them over in detail, look at their portfolio, check their designs and rates, have a conversation and see what they can do for you and get an estimate/quote and see how all that fits within your objectives and purpose and then make a decision and go with it.


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