visitors and analyticsWhat do you know about the people who visit your website?

The entire purpose of a website is to share something with people online, otherwise you could just keep the information to yourself. And yet many people who have a website don’t bother checking to see who actually visits it. They might look at comments or emails they get from visitors but if that’s all they look for then they’re missing out on a lot.

If you run a business you probably understand the value of understanding your customers. Similarly, if you have a website you should try and learn everything you can about your visitors. Things you should be looking into include the number of people visiting, how they got to your site, and how they use your site.

How Many Visitors Do You Get?

If your goal is for people to see your site and you don’t know how many people visit it then how can you know if you’re failing or succeeding? The more you know the more power you have, and it’s never too soon to start learning all you can about your visitors. Even if you are just starting out and don’t think there’s much to track you should at least make sure you have some way of knowing how many visitors your site gets.

WordPress has many features but, unfortunately, it doesn’t have analytics features built into it. To track visitors, you need to add an analytics tool to your site. You can do this by adding code to your site like you would with Google Analytics, or you can download a WordPress plugin. Look around carefully to find one that seems trustworthy and within your ability to use.

Where Do Visitors Come From?

People tend to get around the web using links. Sure, sometimes they type a URL directly into the navigation bar but that only really applies to sites they already know about. When people are looking for new things they usually to do so by clicking through a series of links until they find somewhere they want to be. This leads us to our next question, what links do people use to get to your site?

This is why it’s important to have good analytics software running, just knowing how many hits your site has gotten isn’t good enough. Once you see how people are getting to your site you can find out what works and doesn’t work. If you take the time to write a guest post for a blog only to find that no one followed the link in your post to your site then you can assume that you might have to look somewhere else for your marketing needs. On the other hand, if you find that most of your traffic is coming from Google you might decide to use search engine optimization to get even better results.

There is no one way to use the information you get from analytics, this is where creative thinking and marketing savvy come into play. The only definite thing is that without this information you aren’t going to be able to make fully informed decisions.

What Do Visitors Do?

Getting people coming to your site is essential to building a successful website but it is only the first step. Whenever you’re working on your site you should be asking yourself, “what do I want from my website?” If you just want people to check out your blog posts then you can get by just looking at how many hits you get but if you have grander ambitions then you need to look deeper.

To really understand your visitors you have to know what they do on your site. Do they stick around looking at different pages? Or do they quickly leave your site? You might have thousands of visitors a day but if they all leave within a few seconds of seeing your homepage then something is going very wrong. Look around for different plugins and software that can help you track what visitors do or see a web design pro like IG Webs. You can also compare things like how many hits you get on a given day versus how many sales you make or emails you receive to see what your site is inspiring people to do.

The Value Of Finding Trends

The first look at your site’s traffic and the habits of your visitors can be very enlightening, but to really make use of this information you have to keep an eye on it. Every site has down days and up days, you can’t look at one day and say anything with certainty. The key is finding trends over time and trying to see if you can find a relationship between the decisions you make and the results you see.

Next time you make a change to your site see if traffic speeds up or slows down. See if any given day of the week or time of the day seems more popular than others. With some careful thought and powerful tools, you can tweak a website until you achieve the best possible results.

Don’t blindly work on your site, remember your visitors. The more you know about them the more power you will have to appeal to them. Knowledge is the key to online success.

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