How to Decide the Right Word Count for Your SEO Content

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Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that word count doesn’t count towards your rankings. On the one hand, you have the statistical probability of your content performing better with 1000 words or more. On the other, an insider claims that quality, not quantity, is what counts.

As an SEO company, here’s how we can help you decide the right word count.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

By focusing on long-tail variations of your primary keyword, you can lengthen your blog or article without risking redundant content. When you have a lot of variations for a single keyword, you can explore it from every angle.

For instance, you could create quality content on the following long-tail variations of “SEO content”:

  • SEO content writing tutorial
  • Types of SEO content
  • SEO content optimization near me
  • SEO content optimization for beginners

Use these queries to approach your content from different angles, and you don’t have to worry about the lack of quality in a long article.

Scope Out the Competition

Every SEO expert does keyword research before incorporating them into your content. Whether using a tool or letting our SEO whizzes optimize your content, we’ll target the keywords and word count that work out for your competition.

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Assessing their keyword-per-content ratio would help us determine your keyword-per-content ratio and recommend a suitable word count. While rephrasing high-ranking content would be counterproductive, you can and must match their layout aspects, such as word count, links, keyword density, and content structure, to secure top ranking.

Balance it with User Intent

Following in your competition’s footsteps isn’t always advisable. Google’s algorithms are smart and evolve daily according to keyword search intent or user intent. If we whittle this down, it means that if your audience wants more information from a keyword, they’re more likely to stick out long-form content.

After assessing your audience’s search intent, you could exceed your competition’s word count or go for short-form if they need shorter answers. If an algorithm can assess these changing patterns, so can an SEO company that’s been doing it for the better part of 20 years.

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