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A Visual Map of Website Optimization Starting from IT and Ending Near SEO Services and Blogs

Running an eCommerce website alongside a business is no child’s play. It’s not like working two jobs simultaneously, but the work that goes into maintaining an eCommerce website can pile up, negatively affecting your ranking.

Here’s how IG Webs can help you optimize your website, so you don’t have to.

First Step: Web Audit,

We can’t solve the issues with your website unless we diagnose them. With a website audit, we can compare your website’s current performance with individual aspects, such as SEO, interface, imagery, navigation, and SEO content.

We then compare these features with your high-ranking competitors to see if your website is missing any keywords, design aspects, or structures that could help its ranking. The same goes for deleting the indicators (keywords, features, and so on) that might be hurting your rankings.

Second Step: A Mobile First Approach,

Mobile traffic has made up 58.99% of the global website traffic in 2022. Like it or not, your buyers add items to their cart on the go. They don’t need a laptop slowing them down, so why should you?

 All the Aspects that Help a Website Rank Higher in Black-and-White

We take a mobile-first approach to your website optimization. If it already has a mobile-friendly interface, we identify and address factors like page load speed, the efficacy and frequency of calls-to-action (CTAs), and anything that might negatively affect their mobile experience.

Third Step: Keyword Research and Incorporation,

Keyword research and incorporation are just a small part of our SEO services. It includes the words and phrases people are searching for on their browsers. By including the relevant ones in your content, you’ll match your web content with user intent and win Google’s favor.

Not only do we remove any keywords and phrases that might harm your website and result in penalties, but we also incorporate new ones naturally, so you aren’t accused of keyword stuffing.

Fourth Step: Off-page SEO,

Off-page SEO refers to the external content that’s linking back to your website. This includes social media, article and guest blog hosting sites, email newsletters, and other content directly promoting your website.

Our off-page SEO services give your website access to the most high-authority sites on search engines, which makes it look credible to Google crawlers. If you thought that was all, think again.

Our website optimization process is an intricate network of services provided individually or as a package. Visit our website to learn more about our custom website design and optimization services. Take care of the business side of things and leave the SEO to one of the top white label SEO companies in Huntsville.


Get in touch to see how our web developers in Huntsville can help your online business survive the competition and thrive in an evolving marketplace.



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