19291916_sIt’s amazing to think about how much more flexible technology is today compared to just a few years ago. Most working professionals can still remember the days when you had to find a landline to make a phone call and connecting to the internet meant that no one else in the house could use the phone. Now we go about our daily lives with a personal phone and computer in our pocket at all hours of the day.

And yet even though we’re used to checking our email on the go many people still feel tied down when it comes to working on their Wordpress website. They think they need to find a desktop or laptop computer to do things like post content to their site, make content changes and deal with comments. This is understandable if it’s the way you’re used to doing things but it isn’t the way it needs to be. As long as you have a mobile device with Internet access and a browser application or email client you can update your Wordpress blog.

Logging On From Your Smart Device

One of the biggest changes in the way we connect to the web over the recent years has been the rise of the smart device. First came phones with Wi-Fi, then tablets. Suddenly laptops weren’t the only way to use the web on the go. Now many people are spending most of their time online using these lightweight and easy to use devices.

If you have a tablet you know you can browse the web but did you ever think about how you can also use it to log onto Wordpress. Just enter the same URL and password you use to log onto your site from your computer and you’ll be at your Wordpress dashboard. From there you can do just about anything you can do from your laptop or desktop computer.

The only real drawbacks are interface and file management. You may find working with a touchscreen is harder than using a mouse and laptop, especially for typing, but you’ll find there are versions of these devices that are smart device compatible so you can recreate the laptop experience with your tablet. Data management is harder to get around, outside of basic photo uploading and downloading it’s harder to deal with things like larger files that need to be transferred. So it’s not a perfect solution but it’s the closest thing to working with a full computer that you can get on the go.

There’s An App For Everything

9613706_sThe rise of smart devices has lead to a new type of program, the application or app. Every tablet or smartphone comes with apps pre-installed and a store where you can choose from thousands of apps that are free or relatively cheap. With so many on the market they say there’s one for everything and there are a few that are designed to help you update your Wordpress site on your tablet or phone.

The main option to consider is the main app released by Wordpress. It’s available for Apple iOS and Android devices so it works with the majority of phones and tablets on the market today. It offers the basic tools you need to make new posts and pages, tag them and categorize them and moderate comments. Still, the tools available are limited as mentioned before.

The official app works for most people but there are plenty of others out there. The best way to look into your options further is going to the app store for your given device and searching for “Wordpress.” Look at features, screenshots and reviews and try different apps out until you find one that works for you.

Posting From Your Email

Both of the previous options are great for a person who has some of the nicer smart devices but what if you are working with something that’s a little more limited? What if you have a phone without a touchscreen or without an app store? Luckily as long as you can access your email account you can post to your site.

In the past this feature was built into Wordpress itself but this functionality has been replaced by a number of third party plugins. There’s Post By Email, Postie and a feature within Jetpack. Take some time to look at the features all three offer and look at screenshots to see which looks best to you. The basic idea is that you setup your Wordpress to receive emails and translate them into posts. Then you go into your email client, enter the proper address at the top and the post in the body of the email. Once you’re happy with what you’ve written you hit send and it gets published to your site, simple as that.

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The advantage of this method is that it’s as easy as writing an email to create a text post but if you want to get fancier than that it’s going to be much harder. Few people will make this their go-to choice but if you don’t have any other options and you really need to post new content to your site it can be a lifesaver.

Using Whatever Works For You

So now that we’ve looked at the three main tools some might ask which is the best. The answer is that there is no correct answer, each serves a different purpose and offers different features. Keeping your site constantly updated with fresh content isn’t easy and there’s not a way to know where you’ll be when inspiration strikes. If you learn to use all three of these options you’ll always be ready, as long as you have Internet access and a working device.

You never know when you might have an idea for the next great blog post. Now you can go from inspiration to execution in a matter of minutes, no matter where you are. Just take the time to properly equip yourself now so you never have to let that inspiration slip away.

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