How To Use Behavioral Psychology in Modern Marketing

Feb 15, 2020 | 0 comments

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As a marketer, one of the most useful skills you can acquire is the ability to understand human psychology deeply. This means being able to know why people act and think the way they do when faced with different situations.

What motivates them to take certain actions like buying? What makes them want to associate themselves with certain brands and not others? Having a good understanding of these critical consumer behaviors will help you stand out from other marketers and boost your results, including sales.

In this post, we share five simple principles of psychology that you can use to attract, convince, and turn more prospects and leads to buying and even repeat customers.


The first on our list of psychology principles in marketing is reciprocity. This concept was introduced by Dr. Robert Cialdini, and goes like, if someone gives or does something for you, it’s only natural for you to want to do something for them in return.

You can apply the principle in marketing in various ways. For example, you can print branded t-shirts and give them out to anyone visiting your store even if they do not buy anything from you. And if you run an online business, you could create a free eBook that visitors can download on your website. The idea is to give out the freebie first before you can sell or ask anything in return.


Ever visited a store and seen a tagline that reads “limited offer: buy now while stocks last”? That right there is the principle of scarcity in action. Naturally, people associate scarcity with value; the rarer a product or service is, the more valuable it is deemed to be.

Suppose you run an e-commerce store and are looking for ways to increase your sales and boost customer retention. Apart from getting a fast host from this list by Hosting Foundry to improve site load speed, you can implement the principle of scarcity for quick results. All you need is to create an artificial shortage of some of your best-selling products to increase urgency among buyers. However, while at it, choose your words wisely and don’t overdo the strategy, lest it backfires badly on you.

Social proof

You probably have heard about the social proof concept before, but if not yet, here’s a simple description of what it entails. People will take certain actions or adopt beliefs more easily if other people they trust are doing the same. Put simply, most people will follow suit quite easily if they see others doing something similar.

You can implement the concept of social proof in your business by sharing your social media follower numbers on your website. Another simple way to go about it is to publish some of the positive customer reviews and feedback on your site or social platforms. The end goal is to build that all-important customer trust and to let them know your products have worked for others before them.


Let’s face it; everyone loves being motivated to do something. It is just human nature, and without it, most of us would never reach our full potential. You can tap into this concept and use it to change the behavior of your customers towards your business or brand.

For example, you can motivate your customers to avoid pain and have more fun by using your products. Your goal, in this case, is to reduce any negative emotions that they could be dealing with, raise their level of satisfaction, and generally enhance their lives. Take a look at the following two taglines to get an idea of how customer motivation in marketing works:

  • Quit your miserable 9-5 day job for an opportunity to travel the world and work on your terms.
  • Get the woman of your dreams and live happily ever after.

Eye contact

Eye contact can be such a powerful tool when you want to convince people to trust you. It shows that you’re confident in what you’re doing or offering, and this is precisely what customers want to see.

Every time you’re doing one-on-one meetings with customers or investors, always make eye contact but do it without creeping them out. The same principle applies to your marketing materials. If you’re using your headshot or have a face of something else like an animal or a cartoon, let the eyes focus on whoever is reading the ad. The idea is to create that virtual connection with the potential customer.

Which other psychology principle are you using to boost your marketing results? We’d love to hear your feedback.


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