Huntsville SEO Tips: How Syndication Can Help Improve Online Visibility

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Huntsville SEO

Content syndication is a cost-effective technique to improve your online visibility. The digital marketing technique allows you to improve search engine ranking and boost awareness. It can positively impact the website’s SEO performance and bring qualified traffic to your website.

In this article, Huntsville SEO will share some tips on how to outrank your competitors using the content syndication technique.

Content Syndication: An Overview

Content syndication is the technique of publishing content – blog posts, infographics, or videos – on different websites.

Content syndication can be done in one of the following ways.

  • Republishing an entire content
  • Posting snippets of the content
  • Truncating content

As an example, let’s suppose you have published an article on your website. You can then republish the same content on Medium, LinkedIn, and other high-authority websites.

Syndicated content mentions the source of the original article at the end. The source is written to give credit to the author of the article, and also to avoid issues regarding duplicate content.

You can see examples of syndicated content published on the Reuters website below.

syndicated content

One important thing you should note is that syndicated content is different from guest blogging.

Guest blogging involves writing original blog content for a specific website. In contrast, content syndication involves republishing already written content to different platforms with the permission of the original author.

How Does Content Syndication Help Boost Your Brand Image?

Content syndication helps in gaining a wider audience for particular content. It also helps increase traffic to the website where the content was originally posted.

According to Salesbox, nearly 65 percent of marketers surveyed admitted to using content syndication as a core lead generation strategy.

Syndicated content helps you to build email subscribers. One website owner James Clear was able to gain 600 subscribers by republishing content on the Lifehacker website.

Content syndication is also an effective SEO strategy. You get traffic from the website where the syndicated content was published. The increase in traffic will lead to a positive impact on the search engine rankings of your website.

Content Syndication Strategies from Experts

You should understand that there is a fine line between duplicate content and content syndication.  You need to do content syndication properly to avoid facing a search engine penalty for publishing duplicate content.

So, how can you make the most of content syndication? Here are some tips from our Alabama SEO experts for posting syndicated content.

1. Use a Canonical Tag

You must use a canonical tag for republished content on a website. The rel=’canonical’ tag tells Google that the republished content is not duplicate content.

Using the canonical tag is a safe way of republishing original content. It is a way of saying that the content was not ‘stolen’, but rather republished with the consent of the original author.

2. Cite the Original Article

Using the canonical tag for the republished content is not enough. You must also mention the source of the article at the end of the article.

Mentioning the source and linking back to the original article will show that you have not plagiarized the content. This step is important so that Google knows that you have not copied the content with malicious intent.

3. Backlink the Source

You must backlink the source of the article for gaining the most benefit from content syndication. Linking back to the article will help get traffic to the original article. This will help in the organic growth of the website where the article was originally printed.

You won’t get any benefit if the syndicated content is not linked back to the original content. Moreover, syndicated content can get penalized as duplicate content if the link of the source is not mentioned.

You must get the content syndication to mention your website in a few words. You must get proper credit for the content; otherwise, Google may penalize the website with lower authority.

4. Content Syndication Strategies

You can syndicate content in different ways. One strategy is to syndicate or republish your content to major content publishing websites such as Medium, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, and Ghost. The benefit of this strategy is that it will help improve the online visibility of your website.

Another strategy for content syndication is to republish your content to specific niche websites. You can ask the website owner to publish your content on any high-authority website with content similar to your own. This strategy will help you attract more qualified leads to your website.

The third content syndication strategy is to guest blog on a reputable website such as Lifehack, Reuters, and Yahoo! and then republish the content to your website mentioning the source of the article.

5. Make Sure Your Content Stands Out

You must not ignore content quality when selecting syndicated content. You won’t get benefits from the republished content if most people don’t read it.

Make sure that the syndicated content is perfectly customized for the target audience. It should be able to attract the target audience hook, line, and sinker.


Content syndication will greatly help you in improving the visibility of your website. It can also positively impact the search engine ranking by attracting traffic to your website.

But you need to use the content syndication strategy properly. It is important to ensure that your content is canonized by the publishing platform. This avoids issues due to plagiarized or duplicate content.

You should also make sure that you publish your content to a related website. This is important as you won’t likely get traffic if you post on an unrelated website.

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