Huntsville SEO Tips: Is Link Building Relevant in 2021?

Jun 30, 2021 | Link Building | 0 comments

Huntsville SEO

Link building is all about building connections for your website, in order to improve your performance on search engines, thus increasing the amount of visitors. Your site will gain traffic from the links posted on external sites.

You might be wondering whether link building is still valid in 2021. In this blog you will learn about whether building links still works in getting the top position in Google or not.

Link Building:  Is It Worth It in 2021?

Google has confirmed that links remain the core ranking factor by stating that ranking without links is hard. Links are the main indicator of the worth of a site to the Google Core Algorithm. However, when developing a link building strategy, you should realize that not all links have equal weight.

You should not go on building links blindly or adding irrelevant ones.

Google’s Penguin Algorithm update in 2012 was a game changer.  Before the introduction of the update, ranking was easy. You could easily rank by adding thousands of links.

But today, you need to add only relevant and high quality links to achieve the prized top position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In other words, quality trumps quantity when it comes to link building.

How Do I Build Quality Links?

You need to link your site to relevant high authority websites related to your industry. The Google algorithm checks how many high quality backlinks a website has to rank on the search engine.

Adding your site to link directories and low authority websites can have a negative effect on your search engine ranking. You must make sure that all the backlinks are from good quality and informative websites.

You should consider hiring Huntsville SEO experts for quality link building. These professionals will help you link your site to high authority websites.  They know how to gain links from relevant, quality websites to rank your website on the SERP.

Post Infographics

A good link building strategy is to create infographic and post on popular platforms such as Instagram. The link building strategy will help in attracting traffic to your site that will have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.

Creating infographic post will allow you to attract the attention of a wider target audience. Visual information is much easier to grasp as compared to textual information.  You can more effectively pitch your products in the form of graphs and images. The more your website gets visitors, the better will be the search engine ranking.

Create Free Stuffs

Everyone loves free stuff. One of the effective link building strategies is to link your website in a free case study or research report.  You can offer valuable insights to your target market regarding a topic. Make sure to include recent facts and figures in the report.

Fresh content is important particularly if your niche is faced with changing business dynamics. You should include charts and other relevant data with proper citations. Offering free stuffs to the public is a great way to get a large traffic that will result in improved search engine ranking.

Make sure that you include call-to-action at the end of the report. You can ask for people to visit your website or become a member.

Discover Link Building Opportunities

You can find different opportunities to build links online. Blogs and forums are just some of the places you can begin your link building activities. You should place the link in the guest article or online forum with do-follow links. These transfer the ‘link juice’ of high authority websites, which will have a favorable impact on your search engine ranking.

Consider using SERP Research Tool to find out link building opportunities. Using the tool, you can find out strong link opportunities including forums and blog sites relevant to your niche.

search tool

You can sort results obtained using the SERP Research Tool by theme, strength, or other metrics. This will allow you to more easily find relevant link building opportunities. Using the tool saves you time and effort in finding high quality relevant websites related to your industry.

Suppose that you like to find out link building opportunities for a floral website. You can use the following terms to find out relevant high authority websites.

  • Floral online store +guestpost +flowers
  • Inurl: submission-guidelines +flower
  • Inurl: write-for-us + floral arrangements
  • Flowers +birthday +anniversary

You can sort the results using the Power*Trust metric. This will allow you to find out dozens of link building opportunities. You can find out about domain owners and authors of an online site. You can also learn of the guidelines for submitting blogs to the site.

SEOquake is another excellent tool that you can use to discover authoritative sites for link building. You can download a free browser extension that lets you view the ranking of different websites. As a result, you can assess whether linking to the blog post or forum is worthwhile.


Investigate Your Competitors

Your competitors can also be a good source of link building opportunities. You can use Link Alerts Tool to monitor your competitors.

The tool allows you to identify excellent link building opportunities used by your competitors. You can also know about SEO attacks from rogue users. You can protect your site from Google Penalty by proactively reacting to threats from online attackers.

Final Remarks

The aim of SEO is to make sure that your website stands out in search engine. Link building is a critical task that can help you rank high in the search results. But it is important to redefine what is actually meant by link building.

You need to be careful when building links to improve your site’s search ranking. Avoid planting your site’s ink to thousands of blogs sites. Instead, your strategy should be to discover link building opportunities and link out to relevant and high quality websites.

Google will continue to factor backlinks when ranking websites. You must gain credibility of your site by linking your site to relevant websites. At same time, you must realize that there are many other factors that determine the ranking of a website.

Let Huntsville SEO experts at igwebs create an effective link building strategy for you. We have a team of highly qualified experts who can help you in getting relevant, authoritative links for your website.


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