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A realtor website should be designed with care and thought to catch the interest of prospective customers. The website needs to be aesthetically pleasing to attract the attention of customers looking for authentic and complete real estate services.

Focusing on the visual element is important, but there are other features like clear navigation, credible text, and a visible call to action that should also be given adequate attention. All of these combined will help in capturing the attention of prospective buyers and sellers.

So, what are the website design elements that make a great realtor website? How can you attract the attention of prospective customers? What are the tips to make a killer website that draws the attention of online users in a positive manner?

1. Intro Video

A short video about your real estate company will add a personal touch to the website. It will raise the trust level among online customers.  Home page videos can increase conversion rates by up to 20 percent.

The goal of the video should be to grab the attention of online users. You need to make the video short but captivating. Consider telling the users the value that you offer to clients. Everyone likes to associate with the winner, which is why this video should highlight all of your achievements.

A high-quality video is important to create the best impression. Pay attention to the lighting when creating a video and there should be no background noise present. If highlighting the team, make sure that the office is clean and everyone appears their best.

2. Focus on the Readability of Content

Content of the website should be readable. Users should be able to skim read through the content. To achieve high readability, you should use a proper contrast between the elements. You can use online tools such as the Contrast Checker to check the readability of the website.


Using the right font is also important for good readability of the website. Sans Serif fonts are the best for the readability of the website. The font size should be at least 16pt. People will struggle in reading the text if the font size is small.

Content should be free of any type of grammatical or spelling errors. A poorly written content reflects badly on your company. Make sure to run the content through Grammarly before posting online.

3. Virtual Tours

a computer generated living space

Virtual tours are a great way to capture the attention of prospective buyers and sellers alike. You can use a drone camera to capture a panoramic view of the real estate and that’s just one new innovative technique that you can use. This will save the buyer’s time in assessing the house. Moreover, the video will show your audience around the house without them having to be physically present at the property.

Adding virtual tours on the website will save time for both customers and agents. It will also create a professional impression on the customers. You should consider buying a drone camera with high-resolution video capturing features. Ask a professional Huntsville web design expert on how to add a virtual tour video on your website.

4. Clear Navigation Bar

navigation bar

A navigation bar is important, particularly for a realtor website. This will help online viewers find the right information on the website with just a few strokes of the keyboard. They can search for the required property in different areas. The navigation bar will save the visitor’s time in finding the right information.

You should place the navigation bar at the top of the web page so that it is easily accessible. The navigation bar should also be visible on each page of the website. Furthermore, the colors and font of the navigation bar must be consistent with the website color and fonts

5. Add the Right Widgets

Adding widgets to your website can significantly increase the attractiveness of your website. You can use different types of widgets to expand the functionality of your realtor website.

Listings plug-in – A listing plugin is important, if an IDX or similar is not being used, for a real estate website. WP-Property is a recommended listing plugin for Wordpress website. The plug-in lets you add detailed information about your listings. The listings will be displayed beautifully on your website along with a Google Map location of the property.

Online Newsletter Plug-in – An online newsletter plugin is also a must-have for a realtor website. A newsletter plugin allows customers to sign up for a newsletter. Users can subscribe to your newsletter by simply entering their email address.

You can send the newsletter to a list of email subscribers informing them about the latest hot property details. In addition, you can advertise your real estate services to prospective customers. Moreover, it helps in capturing leads for your real estate business. You can use the email subscriber list to offer promotional offers to prospective and actual customers.

Chat Plugin – An online chat plugin is also important for realtor websites. Research has shown that online chat can boost conversion rates by about 45 percent. Adding a live chat to your real estate website will help improve online user engagement.

simulated chatbot!

If customers can connect with you directly, they are more likely to trust your services. Most online users find online chats to be extremely convenient in getting the required information. Additionally, live chat is much more cost-effective compared to traditional customer service by phone.

Real Estate Pack Plugin – Another must-have plugin for a real estate website is the real estate packs. The plug-in contains a bundle of options that are necessary for real estate websites. One such plugin is the Simple Real Estate Pack which includes real estate statistical charts, closing cost estimators, home cost calculators, and Google Maps.

Cyber Security Plugin – A cyber security plug-in is important for any website including a real estate website. This plug-in will prevent online attacks that can take down your site. Recommended cyber security plugin include Wordfence and Cerber Security.

A good realtor website design will give confidence to prospective customers that the realtor is professional. You can win a lot of customers if the website is designed by an experienced website designer.

Alabama website design experts can help you create the perfect realtor website. Our Huntsville web design professionals know about the latest website design techniques. Contact us today for a professional design for your realtor website to catch the eyes of customers.

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