Huntsville Web Design Tips for Locksmith Websites

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Every professional including locksmiths requires a strong online presence. The reason is that most people today look for professionals online. They Google for the best locksmith in the area and call one with an attractive value proposition.

If your website is not designed well, you will have trouble attracting online audiences. In this blog post, our Huntsville website designers will share some tips for creating the best locksmith website.

1. Create Testimonials

Testimonials will help in bringing new clients. You should include reviews of existing customers on your website. Consider asking your satisfied customers to write a review about your services. The review from your satisfied clients will help bring additional revenues for your business.

You can send a review template to your customers to encourage them to leave a review on your website. People will more likely contact you when they see four or five-star reviews about your services.

2. Offer Pricing Information

A lot of locksmiths fail to mention the price of their services. You should list the price for different services on your website. This is important so as not to give any excuse to your target market for not contacting you.

Consider doing some market research to find out the price of locksmith services in your area. Your price for locksmith services should be reasonable and competitive.

3. Optimize for Speed

Speed is one of the important elements of a website to rank high on the search engine results page. Most online viewers won’t wait more than 6 seconds for a web page to load. A slow website will damage your online reputation and cost you money.

One study found that the optimal page load speed is 4 seconds or less. The conversion rates are the highest when the page load speed is less than 2 seconds.

To speed up the webpage, you can follow these tips.

  • Host the website on a Virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server
  • Compress images using tools such as JPEGmini or ImageOptim
  • Use Content Development Network (CDN)
  • Don’t use too many plugins
  • Minimize the use of JavaScript and CSS codes using the Grunt or Script Minifier tool
  • Use responsive HTML attributes – <size> and <secret> that adjust images based on screen size
  • Set up W3 Super Cache or W3 Total Cache WordPress plugs
  • Use code optimization plugins such as WP-Optimize

Once you have optimized your website, you can use Google Pagespeed Insights to analyze the speed of your web pages. The free tool allows you to test the Desktop and Mobile versions of the webpage.

4. Location-Based Keywords

You must use locksmith-related keywords that most users in your target area use to find the services. Consider using tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find out about the popular localized keywords related to your service.

The use of location-based keywords is a part of local SEO tactics. It will allow you to rank your website on the local search results page. The result will be greater conversion rates since individuals in the target area will be most likely to avail of locksmith services.

You should also optimize the keywords by adding cities that you serve. For example, you can use the keyword ‘best locksmith in Huntsville’ to target users in the area. This will attract more qualified leads to your website. 

5. Mobile-Friendly Website

Most people who require locksmith services will be searching for the same on their mobile phones. People generally use the smartphone to locate a locksmith service in case of an emergency. Therefore, you must optimize the website so that it displays the best on the mobile screen.

If you don’t optimize your website for mobile, you will miss lots of qualified leads.

6. Update Website Content

You must update the content of your website regally. This is important as Google ranks sites that are updated regularly high on the search results pages.

Search engines constantly look for updated content and rank them at the top of the search results. Publishing relevant blog posts will increase the crawl frequency of search engine bots. This will increase the chances of your webpage ranking high on the search results page.

7. Insert Relevant Links

Adding links related to your locksmith services is also recommended to rank high on search engines. Google and other search engines gauge the reputation of your website by the quality of the backlinks.

You must include links that point to reputable locksmith-related websites. Avoid adding links from link-farming websites. This is important to avoid having your website penalized for using black hat SEO techniques to boost rankings.

8. Get Inspiration from Competitors

Your competitors can be the best inspiration for your locksmith website. You should carry out a competitor analysis of high-ranking websites.

Find out the keywords used by locksmith websites. Also, you should examine the links used in the blog posts and social media websites. Other things you should review include the frequency of blog posts and content marketing campaigns.

9. Avoid Stock Images

You must create a unique brand image with your website. It is important that every element of your locksmith website design should stand out from the crowd.

Avoid using bland stock images as they don’t project your company. Consider investing in professional photography services to create professional quality images of your company and crew. Using personalized images will help in communicating the tone, voice, and brand image of your company.


A website is the face of your company. You need to design a locksmith website that attracts instead of alienating potential customers. The tips mentioned in this blog post will help you create the perfect locksmith website.

Your locksmith website should be flawless. Make sure there is no outdated information, misspelled words, or grammatical mistakes. Attention to detail is important if you want to create the best impression.

If you want to design the best locksmith website, you should contact igwebs to get in touch with professional Huntsville website designers. Our experienced web page designers will help you create a professional online presence.​

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