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A healthcare website redesign will not just freshen up the look of the site. It also offers an opportunity to provide a more streamlined browsing experience and improve search engine ranking.

Website redesign projects involve improving the look of the website and provide more information that meets patient needs. It also involves including high traffic keywords to drive organic ranking.

In this post, our Huntsville web design experts have shared website redesign tips for health care websites. The website design ideas will take your site to a bold new direction attracting customers and improving ranking.


1. Visual Hierarchy


Every page of a health care website should have a visual hierarchy. A visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement of visual elements including color, contrast, and typeface in a way that affects the order and prominence of content to the human eye.

The use of visual hierarchy in designing a website will allow the eyes to follow a specific path. The technique helps in attracting the attention of online users to essential elements of the website. Website designers can create a visual hierarchy that takes the users from the benefits to the call to action.

Experienced Alabama website designers make use of visual hierarchy to guide attention to essential elements within a website. They create the intended effect through the use of color, contrast, white spaces, images, icons, small and large font sizes and position of content on the top and bottom of the page.

Combining different visual aspects helps create the desired effect. For instance, you can have the video on top of the page and text around the images to make them visible.

In his book “Communicating with Visual Hierarchy”, Luke Wroblewski – a senior product designer at Yahoo! – explained the following benefits of visual hierarchy.

1. Communicating Relationship      between Content

The user interface of the website should communicate the relationship between different information. Visual hierarchy allows prioritization of the content. For instance, you can have treatment plans more prominent through the use of color, font, and images.

2. Guide Users

Another benefit of a visual hierarchy is that it allows you to guide users from taking one action after another. For instance, the healthcare website can present different value proposition as users scroll down with appropriate call-to-action.

3. Creating an Emotional Connection

Using the right combination of color, images, and font can help create a position emotional response. A professional visual presentation of a site can make the site memorable. It can create an interface that is pleasant and attractive to the users.


2. Optimize Website Database


Database of a website contains information about the website. Make sure that the database size is small so that users can quickly find the required information.

A compact database will speed up the searches. It will make the backend process of finding the required information from the database faster.

You can reduce database site by cleaning old posts. Also, a cache layer can help make the search results faster. It will result in fast retrieval of information from the cache that will result in faster searches.

Moreover, converting the storage engine to InnoDB can also make the search fasters. Optimizing the database can speed up the searches resulting in pleasant user experience.


3. Improve Site Speed


Website speed is essential for all types of website, including hospital websites. Surveys have shown that users will wait only for about 4 seconds for a page to load. Most will leave a website if the site takes a long time to load.

Delays in page load will result in increased bounce rate and reduced page views and conversions.

Experienced Alabama website designers can optimize the site speed using different techniques. Some platforms such as WP Engine uses Everchache, which improves page cache. You can use tools for other platforms such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Rocket to optimize the page speed.


4. Highlight the Staff and Services


Revitalize your health care website with new content about the staff. Include a brief intro about the knowledge and experience of the staff. You can also include personal tidbit like favorite books or hobbies to create an emotional connection with online viewers.

Spruce up the health care website with information about the treatment plans. Include patient testimonials, feature awards, and research collaboration.

Consider including a video about the staff carrying out a complicated procedure. Highlight what makes the hospital unique that will make patients come back for treatment. You can also include a clip that walks the online viewers through the facility.

Hospitals should include all the essential information such as visit timings, treatment costs, and other details. Make the contact details prominent so that prospective patients can contact the staff for an appointment or additional information.


5. Optimize for Mobile


Google officially announced in 2015 that more people search online using mobile devices than desktop devices. So, it is not surprising that Google favors sites that have been optimized for mobile.

You can use Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool to find out if the website is optimized for mobile. The test will take a few seconds to complete.

mobile optimization


If the website is optimized for mobile, you will see a message, “Page is mobile-friendly”. A mobile-optimized site means that your site is easy to use and browse on the smartphone.

Not optimizing your site for mobile will mean that you will lose out on the opportunity to capture mobile traffic. Moreover, it will limit the chances of your site appearing on the top of the search results page.




Hospital website should have a design and layout that is best for both desktop PC and mobile users. The design of a health care website should focus on improving online user experience rather than increasing conversion.

Alabama website design experts can create a professional website using modern design techniques for health care institutes and hospitals. We have helped thousands of online business owners expand online visibility of the website. Contact us for Huntsville website development services for hospitals and health care clinics.

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