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Visuals allow for a break between text components on your website. You want people to see your website and enjoy looking over it. If all they see when they show up is a wall of text, they are much more likely to back out and go elsewhere. By adding in the right visuals, you are going to increase how many people stay and read what you have to say. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the visuals of your website.

Breaks Allow a Reader’s Eyes to Rest

Having one big wall of text is painful. It makes the eyes strain to keep up with line to line. Even breaking the content up into different paragraphs can only do so much. While yes, it does help to break up the text with visuals like paragraphs and bullets, the eyes need other things to look at, too. By simply adding in bolded keywords, different listing styles, quote blocks, and breaks in the text, you can boost the amount your website is used by over 100%.

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By using pictures, you can engage even more people. Recent studies have found that if you learn just how many words to have on a page before inserting a picture, it can engage far more readers than those websites that only use a picture now and again. Here is an example. If you were to put a picture with every 25 words of text, very few people would enjoy the post or share it with others, as it will come across as too busy or spammy. On the other hand, if you do one picture for every 75-150 words of text, you are three times as likely to have someone share your post with others. It doesn’t mean you count out the number of words and shove a picture in your website just because. Rather, it means that you place pictures strategically to get the best response from your audience.

Visuals Can Come in Many Forms

Some people believe that visuals just means images. However, this isn’t true. By adding in a block of color with a call to action, a chart, or a screenshot, you can give a break, add visual appeal, and give your audience a lot of information at the same time. If you want your audience to enjoy the visual and the text at the same time, try an infographic. That way, you are able to put the text alongside the image, and offer your audience something unique to take away from the experience.

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Carry the Images Over to Social Media Shares too

When you are also sharing your blog or new web content on your social media sites, you want to make sure that you carry over the benefits that come with the visuals. Solid text tweets, posts, and articles are boring to look at, and are not very likely to be shared. However, if you attach a relevant picture to the piece, and it is also visually appealing, you are far more likely to have it shared than if you were to neglect that simple step.

If you need to add more visual appeal to your website, contact your local Huntsville web design company. They can help add more enticement to your current website, or build you a totally new one with all of the visuals in place, so once your website goes live, it already has all of the components your audience is going to go for. Reach out to IG Webs today, and let them help you get the visual appeal your website needs.

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