Wordpress is a powerful yet simple to use Content Management System that is flexible to suit your needs. It could be simple or complex depending on how far you want to go with it. In integrating it with your website you can choose which method you want to use depending on your level of expertise.

The Simple Method


First, if you already have an existing website, create a directory at your site and call it Blog, or whatever you like. So now you have a directory that is empty at http://www.mywebsite.com/blog/. Download Wordpress, if you have not already, by going to http://www.wordpress.org and downloading the zip file. Unzip this file and upload it to your empty directory you created, using FileZilla or another ftp client or your host’s upload functionality. If your host has un-archiving feature, you can upload the zip file then un-archive it, which is a lot better since it will be faster, and certainly more error free, as there will be no interruptions in the upload process in case of shared hosting delays. Now install Wordpress following the install instructions from Wordpress.

Now that you have Wordpress installed and working, you can use it to create blog posts using any of the default themes in your theme folder in the wp-content folder of your installation. Then follow our post on IG Blog, to pull as many post tiles as you like into your website home page or with a slight modification to other pages.


A Bit More Complicated Method


Instead of using one of the default themes, you could either search for or design a theme that looks like your web page to provide the same look in your blog as your website. The easiest will be to find a theme that looks like your site, unless you can design a theme or follow the Wordpress theme design instructions.

The simplest theme possible is a child theme. A child theme is based on another theme as the parent. This can be done as simply as changing the style.css file plus any of the images. You can also hire us the design one for you!

Anyway, with a custom designed theme that looks like your web page or at least resembles it, the whole website looks better.


The Best Method


The best method is to design your website, or re-design it, with Wordpress. This way you have the best of all worlds. You get an awesome website and a blog that is seamless and it looks like they belong together. Again you can use an existing theme or design your own, entirely up to you.