custom websitesHaving a website that looks great and unique now is important to the people who regularly use it, but what about in a year, or two, or five? Do you really want to go through and redo your website every other year for many years to come? Most people do not want to take this chance and firmly believe that if they do their website right the first time, a major overhaul is not going to be necessary any time soon. Here are a few ways that you can keep your website new and fresh not only now, but also into the future.

Keeping the Look Original

Looking at other websites is good for a basic idea on what you want your website to look like, but copying another website is never a good idea. Pick and choose different elements from different websites to get the basic framework of what you would like to see, but then add in some original components that are just for you. You know what people are going to be turning to your website for, so make sure that the components that you add in make sense for their needs as well as looking nice.

Know Your Audience

When you want to design your website, you want to make sure you keep the people who will be using it most, in mind. You want them to be able to easily use your site now and well into the future, so you want each component on your website to make sense and be helpful. Putting in anything that isn’t used now is only going to make their time on your website more confusing, which will also have the effect of making your website look and feel more outdated than it should.

Make Use of Color

Color can be a bit tricky when it comes to finding a scheme that is going to work not only now, but also in a few years. You need to pick something that is pleasing to the eye and modern, but not something that is going to fall by the wayside in terms of popularity down the line. Bright neon colors used to be much bigger than they are now, so avoiding things that make people squint when they open your website is a good idea. Opt to go with calming, easy on the eye colors that allow your website’s users to feel good when they open up your website. Don’t forget to use an accent color throughout now and again, too, so that it brings attention to the components you want your users focusing on.

Type Font Can Be Very Effective

Long gone are the days where you only had a single option when it came to which font to use for your website. Now, you can use a different font for each different area of your website if you want to. What matters is that you make use of effective fonts, but you must make sure you keep them easy for people to read. People do not want to have to try and decipher what you are saying by reading a font that is script or too small. Keep it open, easy to read, and at least a 12-14 size font so that your viewers can see what you have to say.

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