Modern business is moving faster than ever before, and if you want to keep up with the competition you need to consider every option available to you. A website is still essential for creating the best web presence possible but just throwing up a page and updating it from time to time isn’t enough to get the full power of the web.

One of the great powers offered by the Internet has always been the way it can connect people together. From early chat rooms to email and instant messaging people have connected with friends, strangers and businesses using the web for decades. Today this is happening on social networking sites. Just about every Internet user visits sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more on a daily basis. If you’re looking to expand your reach you should be considering how you could use these sites to your advantage.

Having a website of your own or profiles on social networks can be helpful on their own, but if you want to see the best results possible you need to think about how you can use these two tools together.

Creating A Social Network Presence 

huntsville web design social media linksBefore you can link your website with your social networking profiles you need to create some. Fortunately just about every popular social network is free to join, so all you need to do is figure out the right sites to join and take the time to sign up.

There are dozens of social network sites out there and you could spend days just signing up for sites. In general it’s best to pick a few websites that seem like they would work best for you and focus on them. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are good for just about any purpose but there are also plenty of sites that will help you target more specific audiences. For professionals LinkedIn is a good choice, Yelp is valuable for people who own brick and mortar stores and sites like Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing pictures.

To speed up the process of these joining sites you should gather a few pictures you can post to represent yourself and write up a short profile you can use across different sites to introduce yourself. In one afternoon you can join most of the major social media sites, but remember that just creating a profile is only the beginning.

Sending Social Network Users To Your Website

Getting people to visit your social media pages is nice but if you want to be as successful as possible your website is going to be the key. While there are people who will tell you that you don’t even need a website today the truth is that social networks offer endless distractions, and this is dangerous if you want to turn visitors into business. Your website is all about you, social networking sites are about everyone. So if you want real results you should try to get people who visit your profile to end up on your webpage.

The best way to do this is by linking to your website from any social network you join. It all starts when you create your profile, most sites allow you to put a link somewhere if people want to find your website. But people aren’t going to naturally search for this link; you want to put your links directly in front of them.

Fortunately there’s an easy way to advertise your website while filling your social pages with content people will want to see. If your website has a blog you can use a number of programs to automatically share your blog posts on your social networks so your followers see you’ve got a new post up, get a taste of what it says and have a link right in front of them that will take them to your site.

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Using Your Website To Boost Your Social Media Presence

A popular social networking profile offers incredible potential, but unfortunately when you first create a profile you’re not going to have any followers. So you need to treat social media pages like you would your website, if you want traffic you need promotion. Fortunately if you’ve got a website you’ve already got a great tool for promoting your social media pages.
Just like you might link your Facebook page to your website you can also link your website to your Facebook page. These links shouldn’t be as prominent, since you don’t want people leaving your page if they don’t have to. Still, links should always be available for people who would like to friend you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or get in touch with you using any other social network you might join.

Have you ever gone to a website and noticed a row of buttons marked with the symbols of different online networks? These are known as social media buttons and they allow visitors to share websites with a click of a button. If you want to encourage your visitors to share your website with their friends then you should put these buttons on your page. With a Wordpress page this is as easy as downloading a plugin and can be accomplished in mere minutes.

A Perfect Example Of Synergy

Most people who have read about business for any amount of time have heard the word synergy. For a while it was so popular that it almost lost all meaning, as people threw it around, as a buzzword that they hoped would make them sound more impressive. But the principle the word represents is still as relevant as ever, when two elements can work together you can end up something greater than either could produce on their own.

When you have a quality website and a social networking presence these two tools feed into one another. Your website gets you more social followers, your followers share your content and get your site more visitors and the cycle continues for as long as you offer people something they want. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand the possibilities this strategy can open up to you.

This isn’t to say that you can create a Facebook page and a website and see instant results. It takes an investment of time, money or some combination of both to make them work. But if you are willing to do what it takes the results can be amazing.

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