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At IG Webs, a Huntsville Web Design, we don’t design anything but Responsive websites. That means you have a mobile landing page from the get go, built in so your website looks good on phone, tablet, desktop, large or small displays.

Did you know how many people are looking at websites through their smartphones? The truth is, the more than half of people use their phones long before they turn to a computer to look something up. If you don’t have a mobile landing page for your website or a Responsive website, you need one. If you do, then you need to make sure you have it set up right to help those customers who come to your website from their smartphones. Here are some of the most important elements that your mobile landing page needs, and why!

Make the Page Simple

Consider this. In 2016, on Black Friday, 40% of all sales came directly from purchases made on mobile devices. This means that more and more people are going through and not only looking for you online through their phone, but also buying directly from their phone. You want the site they come to, to be simple and give them exactly what they want when they get there. Don’t have a complicated page. In fact, get rid of any of your website’s elements that you can that aren’t going to make the user’s experience fast and to the point. The less that is there, the less distraction that your viewers will have, and the easier it will be for them to go through, find what they need, and buy if you give them the option.

Make Your Words Shorter on Mobile Landing Pages

You aren’t going to have the same amount of space to get to the point when people visit your mobile landing pages. This means that you need to go through and shorten your content and make each word count. Use shorter headlines, more calls to action, and make each item you put on that page a necessary item. Your desktop version of your website is meant to be well planned out, thoughtful, and informative. However, your mobile landing pages are meant to get your audience’s attention and keep it long enough for them to decide you are who they want to contact. Make each word you choose pack a good punch, and those words will be more likely to grab the attention of your visitors.

man and woman looking at cellphonesLook at Your Mobile Landing Pages as a Visitor Would

Take the time to look at how your website looks as a mobile visitor. Is the text big enough and easy to read? Do your headlines get cut off or are they easy to spot? Can you click on the buttons of your call to action? If you are seeing problems with your mobile landing pages, chances are, so are your visitors. Make sure you talk with your local Huntsville SEO and web design company about anything you notice that isn’t quite right on your landing page. You want the page to be simple, easy to read and follow, and lead your visitors right into the buying process with ease. If your page is difficult to maneuver, the visitors are likely to leave your site and head elsewhere in search of a site that provides them with a better experience.

If your website does not currently cater to mobile visitors, it is time you made sure it does. Mobile visitors are taking over the internet more and more each year. Speak with your Huntsville web design team about what you can do to help entice more mobile visitors to your website, and to make their visit one they will want to repeat. Spice up your website and bring in the next wave of visitors and buyers with the welcome mat of a perfectly optimized mobile landing page.

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