Mobile Website Design: The Present and the Future

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Mobile website design trends are evolving with the innovation in mobile devices. With the increasing adoption of mobile internet, the need for mobile web page design has increased.

Website developers need to create responsive websites. It is important to focus on the best viewing experience for users who use mobile devices to access the net. Here we will look at the importance of mobile web design and the trends that are reshaping how web developers optimize a web page for small screens.

Mobile Web Design: Why Is It Important?

Mobile web page design involves designing a website so that it displays optimally on small screens. Optimizing the website for mobile will help to rank it higher on mobile search screens.

The fact is the majority of people today use mobile devices to access the net. The latest statistics show that nearly 96 percent of website views are by mobile users. The trend of accessing websites using mobile screens was realized by Google back in 2015.

Most people know the search algorithm update announced in 2015 as Mobilegeddon. The search engine update placed emphasis on mobile devices. It ranked sites that are properly optimized for smaller screens higher in mobile search results.

Google has laid several guidelines for mobile-optimized sites. Some of the noteworthy characteristics of a website optimized for mobile screens according to Google include:

  • Adequate gaps between taps of a mobile screen
  • No need to tap or zoom to read content
  • Don’t display unplayable features such as horizontal scrolling
  • Seamless website browsing experience across x devices

Website designers need to focus on creating a positive user experience (UX). The focus should be on ensuring the best website viewing experience regardless of devices. This can be achieved using mobile website design techniques such as fluid grids, resolution-dependent layouts, and flexible images. CSS styling is generally the preferred technique for ensuring an optimum mobile viewing experience for users.

With a mobile-optimized design, you can attract more traffic to your site. It will result in an improved website viewing experience resulting in enhanced conversion rates.

Mobile Web Design Trends in 2021

Website designers need to remain up-to-date with the latest mobile website design trends. It is important to adjust and adapt based on the changing website design trends. Let’s take a look at the trends in mobile website design in 2021.

1. Optimizing Website for Flip Phones

Flip phones are becoming popular. An example of a flip phone is the Galaxy Z Flip. Designing a website for flip phones involves certain challenges.

One of the main aspects of mobile website design for flip phones is determining the screen split area. The split area is measured in pixels. On average, the split line is about 1000 pixels wide. Website designers need to make sure that the content above and below the fold line is balanced.

A bad practice when designing for flip phones is trying to put most content above the fold line. It is important when designing for flip phones that the information should be evenly balanced between the two ends of the split line.

2. Website Design for Foldable Screens

Optimizing a website for foldable screens is even more challenging. Unlike flip phones that have a split line, foldable phones have a fold line. The screen is split horizontally across two screens.

While designing a website for a foldable screen presents challenges, it also provides more opportunities for improving the user experience.

Website designers can write codes that result in greater engagement of users. One screen can display content while the other screen can have a call to action such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe Today’.

Optimizing a website for foldable mobile screens require particular focus on typography when optimizing for mobile screens includes:

  • Headings
  • Columns
  • Text Size

Web designers use novel techniques to ensure that the website displays flawlessly on mobile screens. They write codes using a minimalistic approach to ensure that the content displays seamlessly across the folds.

3. Website Optimization Using Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming the norm in high-end phones. The latest Apple mobile Pro models such as iPad 12 Pro, iPad Pro, and iPad Pro Max have an AR feature called LiDAR, which is short for  Light Detection and Ranging.

Phones with LiDAR sensors can calculate the distance between objects by shooting a beam of light at them. The feature can be used by website designers to create engaging content. For instance, website codes can use the LiDAR sensor feature to calculate the characteristics of objects. The AR feature can be used for creating a more immersive website experience for the users.

Tips for Website Owners to Adapt to Mobile Design Trends

Mobile phones are evolving as we speak. Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, and others are competing to introduce novel mobile phones. Flip and folding phones are just the start of what is expected to be continuous innovation in mobile website design and features.

So, how website owners can ensure that their website displays the best across different types of mobile screens?

Here are some tips for website owners to ensure the best website browsing experience regardless of the mobile device.

1. Fluid Design

A website should have a flexible and fluid layout. A fluid layout adjusts according to the type of design. It involves creating multiple layouts for different types of mobile screens.

2. User Experience

Website owners should also focus on creating a positive user experience. It is important that websites display the best on all types of mobile screens and browsers. This requires focusing on typography and other elements that Google has pointed out regarding optimized websites.

3. Test the Design

A website should be checked on multiple devices for the best experience. Google’s Resizer tool can help you make sure that your website displays the best across all types of devices.

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