diy-webThese days it’s easier than ever to create a website, all you need is to click a few buttons on the right page. But with most free websites you’re only getting the very basic features and often you don’t get to choose which ones you get. That’s the advantage of hiring a professional designer to custom design a website for you, or taking the time to make the modifications yourself. As you start to look you’ll find a world of features to choose from, so it can be very intimidating at first. That’s why we’ll be discussing some of the best features for your website, so you know where to start as you try and make your page the best it can be.

Every day more and more web surfing is done on the go. People are turning to tablets rather than laptops for their internet fix. The problem is traditionally websites have been designed for horizontal monitors. How do you make sure your website looks and works well on any screen? That’s where responsive web design comes in. This design approach is far more flexible, automatically responding to the device used for the optimum user experience. If you want to target the ever growing mobile market you should definitely consider this feature.

Web traffic isn’t just becoming more and more mobile, it’s also becoming more social. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have captured the attention of the internet going public and you can capitalize on this trend. Think of integrating these social media sites with yours. It can be as simple as a row of social media buttons on your page that will allow users to share them with just one click. Even if you aren’t planning on do much socially immediately,  you should consider having these tools put in place now in case you change your mind down the road.

Have you ever returned to a website trying to find a certain page, only to discover that you have no idea how to get to it? This happens more often than you might think and since the web reduces attention spans you can easily lose traffic and customers this way. That’s why you should consider a search box. That way users can easily search through all the content on your website to find what they want, and even discover new things.

On a similar note you should have an XML site map in your root directory so that search engines can easily find the content on your site. Search engine traffic is essential for a growing website and so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to see what’s on your page. This should come standard with most websites but you need to double check to make sure or else you could end up missing out on a lot of valuable traffic.

Finally it’s important to remember the really essential things for your website are good content and clear design. You can have all the fancy features in the world but if it doesn’t have the sort of material that keeps users coming back then it won’t add up to much. Think of your website like a car, if it doesn’t get you where you need to go then you’ll find it hard to care how great the speakers are. But when good content meets the latest and greatest in feature you’ll be set for success.

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