huntsville web design responsive we designIf your website is not responsive, you are missing out on a lot. Most people look around for the things they need on their smaller devices, especially in urgent situations where they are most likely to buy immediately. If they cannot see what you have to offer that could solve their need, they are going to move on to a website that shows them exactly what they need to fix the problem. You could be missing out on a lot of traffic, sales, and rankings for your website if you have not gotten it updated to become responsive yet.

Do You Know If Your Website Is Responsive?

When you look at your website from a tablet or a phone, does your entire website show up, or just parts of it? If you are only seeing parts of your website showing up, then it is not responsive. You want your entire website to show up so people can see what types of services and products you have to offer. The pages will be scaled to size depending on what type of a device you are looking at the website on, so you may only see small parts of your website at once, but all of the information is there for your customers to see when your website is truly responsive.

Knowing Your Audience Allows You to Have the Right Kind of Website

If your audience is really only older adults who do not ever need what you have to offer on an urgent basis, you may be fine with a standard website that is only viewable on a PC. However, if your audience is teens through middle age, you need to make sure that your website is catering to their needs. These few generations are becoming far more tech savvy than generations passed, which means they are learning how to use a smartphone or a tablet to look up what they need. They understand the nuances that comes along with finding a local company that can help with whatever issue they are facing, plus, they want to remain able to keep their money in their community. Bettering their own community is an important part of how younger generations are spending their money.

You want to make sure that you can be there to answer the call of your customers right when they need you. If they are in an urgent spot and need help right away, they are going to need to feel like they can turn to a company that is close by who is able to be there immediately. If your website is ready to go and they can see it from anywhere they can get a cell signal, it is going to help them feel as though you fit that bill. Having this type of responsiveness is so important, it is actually one of the criteria that Google looks for when ranking websites, so if you want to get noticed for what you have to offer, make sure that you take the time to keep your website up and ready for when people need you most.

It Is Time to Bring Your Website Into Focus

When you are ready to take that extra step to make your website responsive, give us a call at IG Webs, and let us help you get the responsive custom web design that you need, and your customers want. Don’t let all of those people pass you by for a company that simply has a more responsive format to offer them. Let them come to you and keep your business moving forward with today’s needs.

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