It is indeed ‘a Links Marathon’ out there. Everyone with a Web presence wants to rank near the top in Google. It is a hard task for Google to find out the trustworthiness of links, and so, a foolproof method of Google authorship has been developed to counter this. When blogs have authors with a presence, then it is easy to assign author ranks as well as page ranks. When Google combines both, they have a proven credibility attached to the links, which now become quality-qualified links. Google authorship is accomplished with Google Plus, a social networking site that also doubles up as an identity site.


Google plus is slowly transitioning Search Engine Optimization into the next phase of evolution. If you have, a strong profile and you collaborate with hundreds of other real people, who are eventually there for the same reason; you add weightage to your online presence. Adding a simple tag ‘Rel = Author’ in your blog connects the blog to the profile page. The entire set of blogs, authored by you is in-turn connected to your author page and they find mention in your Google Plus page.

If your blogs interest a set of people, they will not only read it but help expanding your network by introducing your blogs to their network in Google Plus as well. It works with a ‘+1’. It is important to remember that when ‘+1’is activated in Google Plus, it adds more weightage in terms of SEO than the follows you get in Twitter or Facebook.


When we list out the benefits of Google authorship, we begin to understand the mechanism behind why Google is interested in an author for every link. Google has made a smart move away from the clutter of links, generated by SEO practices that are sometimes White Hat and otherwise mostly Black Hat. When links are credible, they naturally rank higher than the link with less credibility. Read on to know, how authorship contributes to SEO.


  • The links that have the credibility get more readers and hence more click through rates. The ever-expanding network will also ensure a higher traffic for your blog post or article.
  • Even articles related to the said article are listed in the Google Plus page. If visitors are interested in the genre, they will certainly read other related posts as well. This is effortless promotion, and there is more traffic to all articles authored by a single author.
  • Google Authorship is a boon to subject matter experts, specialized in writing on their area of expertise. Google ranks such authors, higher than their counterparts. Therefore, it is better if you develop a strong influence in your area of expertise.
  • The benefit of being a credible author is that when a reader has read a set of articles by the same author and gets back to the results page, more articles from the same author are listed. Google makes sure that the reader has enjoyed the article by noting the threshold time and then displays the additional articles.

The importance Google has given to Google authorship has made SEO experts ride on the trend. Early adapters who are quick to catch the trend will certainly benefit from its after effects. Improved author ranking would result in improved visibility in the eyes of Google. This would create a tremendous impact on their site’s Search Engine rankings.