SEO + Digital Marketing Equals Online Business Success

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seo+dm for success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for an online business. Without optimizing the site for mobile, your website can’t rank high in the search results page.

SEO will help in improving the visibility of your online business. Even if you have the best website full of fancy features, your online business won’t be a success without effective search engine optimization strategies.

However, SEO alone is not enough to improve the visibility of your site. You need to couple this strategy with digital marketing to gain maximum online traffic.

Given the phenomenal popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, it’s only justified to say that your business can couple SEO with digital marketing for meaningful conversions.

SEO + Digital Marketing — the Perfect Equation for Online Business Success

Gone are days when SEO was enough to rank high in search engine. Today a website owner must do a lot more to attract traffic to the website.

A business can no longer ignore social media if it wants to succeed in the online arena. The combination of SEO with social media marketing will help you to take your business off the ground and thrust it to the heights of success.

Social media has made great leaps in popularity since the past decade. The online phenomenon has gripped the world with almost everyone having an account in major networks.

About a decade ago, SEO and social media were independent initiatives. The latter was confined to a few IT geeks who preferred being in the cyber world. Fast forward to today, every tom, dick, and harry is using social media to get connected with others and entertained.

This makes it a potent ingredient in the success formula of any online business. A business can use digital marketing as a part of its strategy to improve search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing as an SEO Strategy

Google has structured its search engine algorithm to reflect democracy — a cyberdemocracy.

To rank high in search engine, you need to be popular in the cyber world. Every visit represents a vote for a site. Sites with the most hits are considered highly reputable and authoritative.

With billions of online users, social media is the perfect platform to funnel large online traffic towards a site. Consider the following facts from Statista.

  • Facebook has 2.27 billion active users. (1)
  • YouTube has 1.90 billion active users.
  • WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users.
  • WeChat has 1.08 billion active users
  • Instagram has 1 billion active users

The above facts show that social media is an SEO goldmine. By combining digital marketing with SEO, a business can fast track the process of improving online traffic and search engine ranking.

1. Build Quality Links

Link building is an age-old SEO strategy that is still relevant today. The fact that social media has billions of customers makes it the best avenue for building links and channel traffic to a site.

Google uses social media signals to know about the popularity of a site. They give a clear picture of sites that are valuable and satisfy the needs of users.

Social media shares may not increase search traffic. But they do help in increasing online traffic of the site. And when the site gets high traffic, it’s ranking increases in the search results page.

Social shares result in increased traffic to your site, comments, and mentions of the brand. All these factors make an impact on the search rankings.

2. Gain Traffic from Social Profiles

A social media profile optimized for the right keywords can also appear in the search results. This is a great way to get ranking fast.

Social media sites are considered authoritative by search engines. You can rank your profile by gaining followers and including related keywords in profile and posts.

Your social profile matters for search engines. Creating a social profile is a great way to introduce your services to the online crowd. Consider setting a social profile and remain up-to-date on all the popular social media sites to get the most traffic to your site.

3. Improve Social Media Mentions

Social media serve as the perfect platform for creating viral posts. You can ‘fan the flames’ by creating posts that are a hit among online customers.

Encourage users to vote, take a quiz or participate in a contest. Anything that will make the online audience engage with the post can help in creating brand engagement. This will lead to increased traffic to your site that will result in improved search engine ranking.

4. Social Media Search Optimization

Not many people know that social media channels have search features as well. An SEO strategy should also target search on the social media page. This will help you funnel many online audiences.

Consider posting on social media sites with keyword hashtags. This will help in the discovery of your post in the social media results page. People who do a quick search of related keywords will be able to discover your posts that will lead to optimized online traffic.

5. Team Up with Organic Influencers

Organic influencers include social media owners with millions of online fans. You can contact them to feature your site, products, or posts. This is a great way to funnel a large amount of traffic to your site. A positive endorsement from organic influencers can do wonders to your site’s traffic and subsequently the search engine ranking.

Now that you know the formula for online business success, you should incorporate digital media to your SEO strategy. The combination will pull your business from the bottom and place it on the fast track to success. You can outshine your competitors, gain visibility, improve brand image, and most importantly search engine ranking with a carefully crafted social media and SEO strategy.

(1) New stats have been published by Market.us regarding Facebook monthly active users to be 2.38 Billion, a huge increase since the publication of this post.

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