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Have you gone through and cleaned up your Huntsville website recently? If not, the spring has sprung, and now is the time. Spring cleaning is not only for your home or office. It should be something you make sure to do with your website as well. Ensure that each time a visitor comes to your website, they get the best experience possible. That way, you will have the best chance of them returning in the future. Here are a few ways to spruce up your Huntsville website this spring.

Go Over Your Content

Content is, as they say, king. It has been that way for a very long time. It is very important that your content is what your visitors need and want. Go through and make sure your content is relevant. Take out or update posts that are no longer accurate. If you cannot update them all right now, then hide the ones with inaccurate information. Then, as you update them, put them back as publicly viewable. Don’t forget to take a little bit of time and add in some new content as well. Pick things that are accurate, relevant, and helpful to put up there. This improves your user’s experience.

Check the Links on Your Website

Take a few minutes and go through your website carefully. Check each one of the links on your website and make sure they all work. You not only want to make sure they go where they are supposed to go, but also that those links are the best quality links available. If you had an old link going to a blog, but there is now a government website with the same information, update the link. The more you can prove to your visitors that you know your stuff, the more they will trust you and what you have to say. This only takes a minute or so per link, so make sure each of them is the best resource you can offer.

Does Your Menu Make Sense?

You need to take the time to look at your website with new eyes. Does the hierarchy you have for your website really make sense? Do you have the right information in the right places for people to use? When they click on your website, does it make sense? Do the pages logically lead into one another? If any of these have a no as their response, then change things up. Go in and make sure your menu makes sense, so the information you have to offer is as logical as possible.

Make Sure Your Website Responds Properly on All Types of Devices

It is always a good idea to make sure your website looks and functions great on a computer. However, does it have the same great look, feel, and functionality on other devices? Look at your website on your phone, and again on a tablet. The different screen sizes can make your website look and function differently. If you do not have a responsive website that utilizes special coding to give smartphone and tablet visitors a good experience, it is definitely the time to add that in. You could be missing out on a wide range of visitors if you do not cater to them. Just take a look and make changes as necessary to provide them with the best experience you possibly can.

Make sure you look at your website as objectively as possible. If you are not able to do that, ask a friend or family member for help. When you have ideas on how to improve your Huntsville website this spring, let us help you make those changes a reality. Call us today!

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