Technical SEO for Health Care Websites: Why Is It Important?

Jun 25, 2020 | 0 comments

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The foundation of any website that helps it rank high in search engines is quality content optimized for keywords. But if the technical SEO is ignored, your website is not going to rank well.

You don’t need to have a detailed technical understanding of your website for this, but it important to know a few basic technical SEO concepts so that you can discuss your website requirements with Huntsville website developers.

1. Site Crawl-ability

Site crawl-ability is of critical importance. Your site should be crawl-able by the search bots, otherwise, users cannot find your website online. Search engines crawl a site using ‘robots’. Robots are codes written by search engine developers to discover and add websites to search engine databases.

To ensure that the site is crawl-able, the internal linking structure should follow the best practices. You should guide the robots to crawl important webpages using the Robots.txt file. The file can specify what webpages to crawl and what should be ignored. In addition, you can allow the search bots to crawl the webpages but block them from showing them in the search results pages.

The content of the robots.txt file is only viewable to the search bots. Your health care websites’ online visitors won’t be able to view the robot meta tags. Robots read these tags when indexing a webpage.

Sometimes, inexperienced website designers unintentionally block access to important components of a website, such as javascript and CSS files in the robots.txt file. This will prevent crawlers from reading your website. It is recommended that you contact experienced Huntsville website designers to ensure that such mistakes don’t happen.

2. Remove Dead links

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Removing dead links is important as it can create a negative experience on online users. People get annoyed if they see a 404 error page when clicking on dead links. The negative user experience can lead to reduced dwell time that will hurt your website’s search engine ranking.

Dwell times refers to the length an average website user spends browsing the website. A high dwell time means that users don’t find your website informative. As a result, the search engine will not show your website on top search results pages.

Removing dead links will avoid negative user experience. Different tools can be used to resolve 404 errors. You can also manually check and remove or redirect dead links. Additionally, it is important to redirect the deleted or moved webpage.

3. Use HREFLEG for International Websites

Do you have a different version of your health care website based on geographical location and languages? If different websites have the same content, you should use the hreflang tag to avoid duplicate content issues.

Duplicate content can be a bane for websites. Search engines can penalize a website for duplicate content. Contact your Alabama website designer to set up a hreflang tag for international websites. There are tools used to create the tag, such as the Aleyda Solis’s Hreflang Generator Tool. But it’s better to let the experts handle the task of creating hreflang tag for different languages, countries, and regions.

4. Specify the Default Domain

Specifying the default domain is important when setting up the website. You can instruct the search engine the variation of the domain that should be used during the lifetime of the website.

To understand this technical SEO term, you should understand how online users access your site. Your website can be accessed with and without the www. For instance, if the domain of your website is healthcare.com, your website can be accessed using the URL https://www.helathcare.com and http://healthcare.com.

While accessing the site without the www provides convenience to online users, the search engine may get confused. It will create issues of duplicate content, indexing problems, and loss of search engine ranking.

To avoid the domain name issue, specify the preferred domain of your website. There is no SEO advantage of www- and non-www website format. You can select any format as your default domain. It is important to inform the search engine about the decision and also you should be consistent during the lifetime of the website.

While you can always change the preferred format using 301 redirects, it can create problems later on from domain migrations.

5. URL Structure

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URL structure should also be given consideration when optimizing your website for search ranking. A flat URL structure and organized is recommended to avoid issues with ranking a site.

A messy structure will make it had to identify and resolve indexing problems. Additionally, it results in orphan pages that will unnecessarily bloat your website. Orphan pages are web pages that are not accessible by internal links.

URL structure should be consistent and logical structure. This will help the search bots and online users know about the position of the pages on a website.

To know about the site structure of your website, you can use the Ahref Site Audit tool. Another great tool to find out about the site’s structure is the Visual Site Mapper. You can use the free interactive tool to know about the URL structure.

6. Breadcrumbs  Navigation

Breadcrumbs navigation not only creates a positive user experience but it also helps the search engine ranking of a website. Breadcrumbs add internal links to subpages and categories on your site. This helps result in an organized website structure.

In the search results page, Google turns all URLs to breadcrumb-style navigation. It can be implemented by showing your online users the location and how they got there. You can visit the link here to know how breadcrumbs navigation is implemented.


Ignoring the technical side of your website is a grave mistake that can hurt your chances of attaining organic search rankings.  At the basic level, it is important to ensure that the search bots can crawl and index your health care website. You should also ensure that the site structure is organized.

The website should also have an organized site and URL structure with no duplicate content. Other technical SEO tactics that can help improve the site search ranking, such as breadcrumb navigation and removing dead links, should also be implemented. If all this stuff seems too technical for you, contact professional Huntsville web design to handle the complex tasks for you.

There are many more technical items not discussed here but we’d love to hear from you on any of them you are familiar with.

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