The Future of Website Design in 2020 and Beyond

Mar 25, 2020 | 0 comments

future of web design in 2020 and beyond

With the advancement in display technology, the world of website design has evolved significantly. Leading website design trends in Huntsville, such as responsive website design, mobile website design, and single-page design, have been the responses to the changes in the technology. The design trends have evolved to match the content display needs of a variety of devices, such as computers, phones, and tablets.

In a book written by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, The Age of Context, the five converging technological forces that impact everyday lives include mobile, location-based services, mobile, data, and sensors. These factors have given birth to new website design trends that continue to change as we move forward.

As we move forward and enter the third decade of the 21st century, new technological improvements have been redefining how we design websites. And the payoff to remaining up-to-date with the design trends will be huge for e-commerce companies.

1. Foldable Website Design

The dawn of the 2020s saw the introduction of foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Fold 5G, Motorola Razr, LG Bendi, and Huawei Mate X. Foldable phones have dual screens where the screen literally folds like a book.

foldable phones

The introduction of foldable phones will bring new design challenges and opportunities for users. More website designs will be recognized and provide a unique experience for foldable phones. There will be unique and inventive website designs that target ed to foldable smartphone users.

Website owners are advised to prepare in advance to provide an exceptional experience to foldable phone users. The effort will be worth it as it will make your website a pioneer in responsive website design. The exclusivity will result in increased brand recognition and website traffic.

2. Dynamic Illustrations

Animations are popular with website viewers. Adding animations will breathe life to your website. They can help attract the attention of users and result in reduced bounce rates, which is a critical website SEO factor.

Adding animations to your site will help highlight the main products on a page. It can also be used to give a more personal touch to the website.

Google has introduced Material design tools for incorporating motion into websites. In its guidelines, Google recommends that animations can be used to help users better understand physical objects. Motion designs can be used to tell users whether an object is large, small, light or heavy.

CSS code is best for adding motion to websites. While JQuery allows greater flexibility, using the code usually results in slow page loading speed. Many tools can help create responsive animations, such as Invision and Adobe After Effects.

3. Complex Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are common in social media sites and apps, such as Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. An example of micro-interaction is the Like button that pops up on the screen when a person likes a post. The design feature is expected to become trendy as we move forward in 2020.

Micro-interactions can be used to show the vibe and personality of a brand. Animations can make micro-interactions more fun. But you should avoid overdoing it. Subtle animations are the key to creating the perfect user experience.

Using micro-interactions will not just improve the functionality of a website. It can also be used to teach users new functions of a website. A simple animation that moves forward with user clicks could guide viewers on how to use the new features of a website. In this way, micro-interaction goes beyond improving user experience. They can also help interact with the website interface.

4. Dark mode Design

Dark mode design will also become popular in the 2020s. Many websites, such as Instagram, have already given users options to turn on the dark mode. The design allows users to customize their online viewing experience.

Adding the dark mode option will result in a more exciting user experience. Many people prefer the dark mode since it is easier on the eyes of users. Beyond readability benefits, the dark mode also provides functional benefits due to increased battery life. You shouldn’t be surprised if websites start switching to dark mode as a default option. Its even included in the Best Web Design list of DesignRush.

5. Asymmetric Website Design

The majority of websites today have orderly, symmetric website design. But the asymmetrical website is gaining popularity among website owners.

An example of asymmetric website design is Dada-Data.net.  The website uses asymmetric structure and animated background that moves as your scroll down the page.

Taking the leap toward asymmetric website design will make your website unique and out-of-the-ordinary. It is a great way to attract the attention of your target audience.

6. Experiments in Typography

A lot of websites today play it safe by sticking to Sans-serif or Times New Roman font and normal lowercase typefaces. This has made a lot of websites appear like clones.

In the year 2020, we could be seeing seeds of changes in the typographical elements of websites. We could see more websites experimenting with typography to gain user attention. Retro fonts and handwritten typefaces will make a comeback to add personality to websites.

7. Immersive Website Design

You should look forward to a push towards immersive 3D design elements. The website design element will make a website look trendy and futuristic. Using a JavaScript API known as WebGL, Alabama website designers can create immersive website designs.

Immersive website designs can create a ‘wow’ factor and make your website stand apart from others. You can use Stripe.com to find inspiration for creating a website with 3D design elements. The website shows animated 3D elements that were designed using WebGL that allows animation without sacrificing page load speed.

The above are just some of the ways in which website design could change for the better in 2020 and beyond. Going forward, web design will be all about competing for attention. Make sure that you don’t get left behind in the race to make your website appear more innovative and fun for users.

Contact a professional Huntsville website designer to update the design of your website. The investment will be worth it in the end due to improved user engagement and conversions.

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