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There are many different factors that affect the SEO of your website. We have discussed these often times, and they are all incredibly important. However, there are some factors that get overlooked, especially in today’s day and age. You need to know how your website looks and functions, on top of the rest of your SEO work, if you truly want your website to look and function as a top-ranking website. Here are factors you cannot overlook if you want a successfully ranking website within the top search engines today.

Local Audiences

This is easily one of the most overlooked SEO factors out there. It needs to be mentioned on each page of your website that you serve local communities and neighborhoods. You do not want to mention 25 different locations on each page, but a different location on each page shows the people who live where you serve, that you cater to their needs. This needs to happen naturally within your content, and the locations all need to vary. Make sure you use the locations around you at different levels, as well. For example, have some pages talk about the state you want to focus on. Then, have some pages talk about Huntsville specifically. Finally, make sure you have some content that covers the smaller municipalities around Huntsville to ensure that everyone gets mentioned in there somewhere. It will help bring the right visitors to your site!

The Right Headers

When crawlers go over your website, they look at the headers that you use. These headers explain to those crawlers just what to expect in the paragraphs below. What you want to do is make sure you are using incredibly specific headers on each of your pages. They also need to be set up with the proper type of header formation. You need things like H1s and H2s on every page of your website. Simply having a generic page name is not enough. Instead of having a page title of “Dogs”, for example, go into the specific dog on that page. Having a page title of “German Shorthaired Pointer” gives the crawlers, as well as your visitors, a much better idea of what to expect on the page ahead.

Properly Set Up Contact Information

Since the vast majority of people search the internet by phone, you need to make sure that you have your contact information set up for those visitors. Do the phone numbers to call you work with the touch of a finger? Clicking phone numbers are really important. They allow people who came across your site in a search to reach right out and get in touch with you. That gives you the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression and give the people who need your help, the service they are obviously looking for. Use that to your advantage and make sure that calling you is no more work than the touch of their fingers.

If you neglect these factors, you wmaynot get as high of an SEO ranking as you would if all of these were set up properly on your website. It is very important that you look at your website as a new user or visitor. Would you easily know how to contact you? Would you know that your company catered to those in your area? Would each page be simple to identify at a glance? If any of these were answered with a no or with hesitation, then you need to do a little SEO work. For help getting your website properly ranked, give us a call. We can help!

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