The Secret to a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

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digital marketing plan

Digital marketing is important for every business in the modern landscape. All size and type of businesses can benefit from digital marketing.

A digital marketing plan can help your business reach millions of customers online in a cost-effective manner.

The term digital plan may appear a little intimidating at first. However, the fact is that creating a digital plan is not that difficult.

In this blog post, you will learn how a digital marketing plan is created. We have also included a template digital marketing plan at the end so that you can see how it’s done.

Crafting a Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan serves as a framework for carrying out digital marketing activities. It helps in making the most of different digital channels to reach a maximum number of online audiences.

In other words, a digital marketing plan is simply a plan of action. Depending on the size of your business, you can have multiple plans to promote goods or services. It helps you remain focused in carrying out digital marketing activities.

At this point, you shouldn’t confuse digital marketing plan with a digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy consists of actions to achieve long-term digital marketing goals. The strategic plan contains goals for reaching the target market using free, paid, and owned online medium.

In contrast, a digital marketing plan has a more short-term goal. The plan consists of a series of actions to interact with online audiences.

General Tips for Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Know the Online Audience Needs

You need to build a digital marketing plan around customers. The marketing plan should not be focused on the product or services.

Consider choosing the best marketing channels to reach your target audience. While Facebook and Twitter are best for B2C marketing, they are not appropriate for B2B marketing. You should select a medium that seems suitable for your customers.

Set Realistic Plans

The digital marketing plan should be as realistic as possible. Setting a plan to post 100 posts and tweets in multiple channels every day is neither practical nor recommended. This will not only burn out your digital marketing team, but it will also appear as spam in the eyes of your customers.

The activities in the plan should be achievable by the digital marketing team during the 9-5 daily time period. Also, limit the posts to maximum 2 per day on each digital marketing channel. This will result in more online user engagement.

Update the Plan Regularly

You need to review and update the plan at regular intervals. This is important to ensure that you stay focused on the most popular platforms.

Not reviewing the plan will result in wasted opportunities and efforts. Some digital mediums become outdated and are replaced by newer ones. For instance, MySpace that was once the most popular social media site has now been replaced by Facebook. In addition, Vero, Musical.ly, and Steemit are fast replacing Snapchat, Vine, and Reddit as popular digital media platforms.

Regularly reviewing the social media plan will ensure that you gain maximum benefits from social media activities.

A Sample Digital Media Plan

The best way to understand a digital marketing plan is to look at an actual plan. Here we have created a template digital media plan for a fictional company named Top Huntsville Website.

Social Media Campaigns – Action Items and Key Metrics

Social media campaign is a part of the digital marketing plant that consists of a series of actions to promote the products and services on different platforms.

Action ItemsSponsored ads and posts, a Facebook tab that syncs to Top Huntsville Website company page.Utilize promoted tweets and pinned tweets, set up Twitter lead generation cards.Get customers and trainers involved in video production, and create video demos and tutorials of Top Huntsville Website samples.Market the brand through trending and relevant hashtags; Integrate Facebook with Instagram; reward followers with discount codes and promos.
Key MetricsNumber of posts per day, page follows, likes, user engagement, comments, and shares.A number of tweets, followers, retweets, mentions, hashtag usage, lead generation, new members.Views, shares, referral traffic, page ranking on key terms from YouTube.Likes, shares, followers, comments, image analytics.

Digital Media Marketing – Activities

A digital media marketing plan consists of a series of activities along with the posting frequency. For instance, blogs can be posted twice a week or eight in a month. Also, social media posts can be created twice in a day or 56 in a month.

S. No. ActivityQuantity
Per weekPer month
1.Blog Creation and Posting1 in a week4
2.Facebook posting2 in a day (14 in a week)56
3.Tweets2 in a day (14 in a week)56
4.YouTube videos1 per two weeks2 per month
5.Press releasesOnce a month
6.Facebook likes10 – 15 in a week (targeted)40 – 60 in a month (targeted)
7. Twitter followers10 – 15 in a week (targeted)40 – 60 in a month (targeted)
8.On-page, off-page optimization reportOnce per month
9.Guest bloggersOne per month (targeted)
10.Instagram PhotosEvery Week
11.URL sharing of approved blog posts on Facebook and Twitter

Budget Snapshot

A budget is an important part of a digital marketing plan.

Here we have assumed that the total digital marketing budget of Top Huntsville Website company for Q2 2019 (April to June) is $150,000.



% of Total Digital Marketing BudgetBudget for Q2 2019Per month
Social media marketing20%$30,000$10,000
Email marketing10%$15,000$5,000
Display advertising15%$22,500$7,500
PPC marketing20%$30,000$10,000
Search marketing10%$15,000$5,000
Video marketing15%$22,500$7,500
Welcome campaign10%$15,000$5,000



A digital marketing plan serves as a blueprint for online marketing activities. It guides the actions of the digital marketing team in utilizing different marketing platforms.

Professional Huntsville SEO digital marketing firms also incorporate elements of search engine optimization in the digital marketing plan. SEO plays a crucial role in improving your website’s online visibility and attracting high-quality leads to your landing page.


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