The Trends in Web Design That Every Marketer Should Know

Oct 28, 2018 | 0 comments

lady thinking web trends“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

Lindon Leader

Did you know that 94% of the negative feedback about a website is design related? What is even more surprising is the amount of time a user takes to form this opinion? The answer is a mere 50 milliseconds. That is all it takes for you to know whether a user is going to stay or leave. Another interesting statistic is that 85% of the people believe that a website’s mobile version should be better than its desktop counterpart. This goes to show the amount of traffic that comes through mobile devices. It also lays out a goal for designers to work towards.

In order to provide users with the best experience, marketers have an important responsibility of making designers follow certain guidelines. Therefore, the knowledge of prevailing market trends is extremely crucial. They help marketers know what customers are appreciating and asking for in the market today. Here are some trends that are rising as we speak:

1.    Data Storytelling

Everywhere we look, things are becoming centered on sharing and enhancing experiences. A primary way to do this is through storytelling. The reason why stories are becoming so popular is simple— they provide a platform for users to connect with the business as well as the product or service that they offer. Designers and marketers are increasingly using graphics and visualization to create stories for audiences. Data analytics play a crucial role in supporting these stories because they offer insights into what respective consumers might be interested in. When websites are designed while integrating these elements, users tend to hang around for longer, thus improving their chances of buying from the company.

2.    Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The Product Designer for eBay, Elaine Lee, states that users are already using ‘Artificial Narrow Intelligence’ in their daily lives and are still unaware of it. Many mainstream companies have integrated AI on a limited scale in order to enhance user experiences through predictions and guidance. Google’s search algorithms help fill in missing details in queries to filter out the most relevant results; Voice assistants from Apple, Amazon, and Google utilize similar technologies to perform routine tasks for users; Spotify and Netflix are also using AI centered technologies to power smart devices; chatbots interact with potential customers on the website and other platforms.

3.    The Use of Visualization

From simple GIFs to complex virtual reality applications, visuals are being used in the most creative ways possible. First and foremost, visuals are being used to form the basis of data storytelling. The entire concept revolves around using attractive visual representations to keep the users hooked. This makes it easy for marketers and designers to connect with their audience effectively. Potential customers can also indulge in a richer experience that increases the chances of them paying for the respective product or service.

One amazing aspect in visualization is the use of virtual reality to recreate everyday situations appropriately. Whether you are selecting furniture for your home or buying clothes for yourself, VR has made it possible to visualize the products before paying for them. So, now you can actually place the furniture in your living room through virtual reality or try out the clothes you are going to buy through an online store. The experience is simply amazing.

4.    Vibrant Colors and Creative Typography

These design elements play an effective role in convincing users to stick around for longer. The use of bold and interesting colors has seen a surge in recent years because numerous surveys have shown how the audience is attracted to them. The science is that these colors capture human attention at first glance leading to interest in the object that is using them. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the colors and the fonts used can help the website attract immense amounts of organic traffic. The traffic can also boost your SEO rankings because Google measures these elements to rank websites during query results.

mobile first5.    The Focus on Mobile

In the opening paragraphs, we brushed upon the importance of mobile in the modern day user’s life. In a time when 77% of the world population owns a smartphone and having access to the internet, these devices are becoming the preferred mode of communication, browsing, and interaction with individuals and businesses. The mobile versions of websites generate more hits than the desktop ones. As a result, businesses that have not optimized their digital platforms for mobile performance are losing out on a significant chunk of potential clientele. Moreover, with smartphones becoming powerful quite rapidly, the technologies that can be utilized with them are growing too. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are easily supported on smartphones, and developers have the opportunity to cross integrate a number of trends at the same time.

6.    Email Marketing Innovations

Huntsville website services have been focusing on pushing the frontiers of email marketing. Many marketers keep asking what is next in the world of email. Well, the answer is kinetic emails. Designers and marketers around the world have been experimenting with emails that audiences can actually interact with. The days of boring long text-based junk emails are gone. Today, brands are able to pitch customized products personally to their target audience in a way that can compel them to buy the product sooner or later. The experience that is offered through kinetic emails is highly appreciated and being embraced around the world.


Huntsville custom web design professionals have come a long way and so have experts around the world. Web design is no longer limited to user interfaces; it is about user experience and storytelling. Marketers have to stay updated with these trends; otherwise, they risk losing their position in the market quite rapidly.

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