Three Top Things to Quickly Impact Your SEO

Jul 9, 2018 | 0 comments

Where your website ranks is always going to be an important statistic when it comes to how successful your website is. Do you rank up on page one or page two for any of your important topics? If you don’t rank up there just yet, you want to improve your Huntsville SEO. This means that you are going to work up your website to get it to rank on early pages in the search results where customers are most likely to look. Here are a few things you can do right now that will impact the SEO of your Huntsville website quickly.

Provide Informative Content

provide informative content

There have been numerous studies done in terms of what type of content is best according to the almighty Google. Overall, the research has concluded that the longer the content, the better. Longer content allows you to increase how many keywords you can naturally put into the content, but more importantly, it also allows you to really get in-depth when it comes to your topic. People want this most when they come searching through your website. They want to find information that answers the questions they came there with. The sweet spot in terms of length seems to be right around 2,500 words. This lets your customers get the information they need without it being drawn on too long to where they lose interest.

Use Headers the Right Way

Walls of text are quick stoppers when it comes to a person reading through a page you create. If all they see is line after line of text, their eyes are going to strain trying to keep up with the line they are on. Use headers to break up the main points of what you have to say. Use the different levels of headers properly to break down the main points, smaller points, and the insignificant points that are simply there to help people understand the little details. There are experts who say headers of different levels are not necessary in terms of ranking position. However, when it comes to giving the reader what they want, you want to use headers. The ability to skim right to the bit of information they need most is not something you want to take away from your visitors.

Consider Multiple Types of Multimedia

YouTube video

When your goal is increasing your Huntsville SEO, you also need to think about the type of multimedia you use on your website. First, if you use images, make sure you properly label them and compress them so they do not slow down how quickly your site loads. Speed is something visitors want, and if you do not give it to them, they very well could go elsewhere. Second, make sure you change things up when you can. Instead of allowing visitors to only see pictures when they come to your website, consider the benefits of adding in a video here and there. Change up what they see to add interest. If you do not have videos, then make sure you change up the images you offer. Use some pictures, some charts, some infographics, and some photographs of real people or objects. This helps your content and website be more interesting to both your visitors, and also to search engines.

Knowing where your website ranks is important. The higher your rank, the more likely people are to see your website. Put your services or products out there for people to find by keeping in mind what they need most. If you want help to boost your Huntsville SEO, reach out to us today!

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