WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for most bloggers all over the world. It offers a wide range of themes which can be used to enhance the appearance of a blog. Blog owners who have a limited budget can choose from one of the numerous free themes available. However, if you want more customization options, it would be advisable to go for a premium theme.

Selecting the right theme is vital for the success of your blog. Here are some guidelines which will help you choose an appropriate WordPress theme.

1. Business vs. Personal

A WordPress theme for a business site usually differs from the one used for a personal blog. A theme for a business site needs to match with the colors of your logo. In addition, you need to ensure that the theme chosen has features which will enhance interaction with your customers. However, personal blogs give you more freedom when selecting features and colors. Therefore, before choosing a theme, take time to establish the purpose of your site.

2. Customer preferences

Before redesigning a current site, take time to find out what changes your customers would want to see. Some might want new features to be added. Others might want you to use a different font which is much easier to read. Such feedback and comments from customers will enable you to choose the most appropriate theme for your site.

3. Customization options

If you decide to build your site using a web design template, you need to ensure that it is customized accordingly. This will create a unique identity for your site, thus enabling it to stand out among many others in your niche. A simple theme with limited options would be appropriate if you are only interested in customizing your font styles and colors. However, to alter features such as menu styles and sidebar positions, you will need a more complex theme.

4. Coding knowledge

A theme which offers point-and-click or drag-and-drop customization options would be appropriate for people who lack coding skills. This will simplify tasks such as changing site colors, decreasing or increasing font sizes, uploading custom headers and repositioning photos. However, having basic coding knowledge will enable you to customize your site even further to your satisfaction.

5. Widgets

Widgets are applications which enhance your site’s functionality. For instance, some widgets allow you to collect visitors’ contact details, while others enable readers to share your posts. If you intend to add a particular widget in your site, you need to choose a theme which is compatible with it.

6. Plug-ins

Just like widgets, plug-ins can also enhance the functionality of your site. From optimizing your site to protecting it against spam, plug-ins can play a wide range of roles. WordPress offers numerous plug-ins which can be easily downloaded and installed on your site. Be sure to choose a theme which supports the plug-ins you are considering.

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