Top 4 Web Design Trends In 2021 To Rank Your Website on first Page

Dec 17, 2020 | Web Design | 0 comments

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If your website pages take ages to load and doesn’t have enough site visitors to make a dent in your sales goals, it needs a lot of work. A professional Huntsville web design can make sure that it increases conversions and better yet, ensure your website remains on the first page of the Google results page. So what 2020 was a bad year? Make 2021 count by adopting the following web design trends:

1.    Work On Reducing Load Time and Increasing Page Speed

Websites that load faster obviously get more traffic than their slower counterparts. The more traffic they get, the more conversions they get. It is one of the main reasons why UX and Huntsville SEO is a top priority for websites that are to rank and convert fast.  If it takes your website more than three seconds to load, it isn’t fast enough!

Since the load and speed time have a direct impact on your bottom line, ensuring yours is up to the task should be a priority. After all, visitors who leave a website are less likely to return, ever! When Pinterest reduced its speed time by 40%, it experienced an impressive increase in traffic and signups also increased by 15%.

2.    Improve Accessibility

With over 4 billion users online at a time, inclusivity in web design can set you apart from the pack. By web accessibility, we mean designing and developing the website in ways that can allow people with disabilities to use them without trouble.

If your website is accessible to all visitors irrespective of their abilities or disabilities, it can attract more traffic which will stay longer and engage with the pages. This will do wonders for your Huntsville SEO and conversion rate.

3.    Incorporate Smart Content

Content always has and will always remain king when it comes to responsive web design. It is set to take on a bigger role as we move into the New Year. Content creators can no longer work in isolation. To ensure their concepts hold meaning, they have to create custom content for target audiences.

Evergreen and static content just doesn’t cut it anymore. To remain relevant and increase conversions, it has to be tweaked and adapted as per user needs. Otherwise, they will not see the value of interacting with your web pages at all which will hurt your bottom line.

To personalize content that your audience will appreciate, you need to collect data on the latter’s browsing behavior. It will give you insight into what they believe is interesting on your site thus allowing you to come up with content they will return for.

4.    Enable Micro Interactions

Every detail counts when it comes to Huntsville Custom Web Design. Micro interactions are one of them and one of the main trends that will make it big in 2021 and beyond. These include small details that can give you valuable feedback on the actions users take on your website. It is designed exclusively to increase interactivity and make web pages and portals easier to navigate.

Here is a simple example. Just change the colors of the font on the text on a clickable link. It will attract a user’s attention especially if hovering on it leads to another page or provides info on it. In both cases, the user will be compelled to explore the website further. Small details such as this can make a huge positive impact on your online rank.


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