Today, Internet marketing has become a core of the marketing strategy of almost any business. Its special advantages of speed, efficiency, and wider access have made it to surpass several marketing strategies. This year will also witness the boom time with a plethora of Internet marketing techniques and tools that will continue to improve. It is obvious that your focus will be on these trends that can help you maximize your growth and profits while reducing cost. So, here are some of the hot trends that you can expect for Internet marketing in 2013 for planning your marketing strategies well.

Video is Becoming the Master Key to More Popularity


As per the recent statistics, billions of videos are watched on a daily basis and over half of these watchers tend to share the links. Wow! What a great marketing opportunity videos can be! Logically, it has been found that video that is watched is remembered more well then what is read or seen as images. All these facts simply point that your online customers loves watching videos. So, this year, it is wise to focus on videos to promote yourself on the Internet and increase brand’s visibility.

Communication is Getting Hotter through Visuals

This is simply evident from the increasing popularity of Pinterest! The change outlook of Facebook further supports this fact of aesthetic uprising. That said; it would be worth to know how to grab these visual opportunities or make more such visuals this year for being more popular as well as visible.

Design is Still the Stronghold

If you are thinking that the importance of Web site design has now reduced in contributing to online presence and high rank, you are highly mistaken. Even today, it is the design that acts as a selling factor, not the platform from where people surf your site. This is evident from the successful designs of the official site of Apple and Pinterest. While the latter is a big social networking platform, the former is a world-wide famous company offering few but valuable products. Despite this big difference, both the sites are so popular without any doubt. Do you know the secret? Well, it’s the design that fuels the popularity, not the number of products. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a great design as a part of your internet marketing this year.

One of the latest trends in Web site designing is parallax style that entails unique scrolling techniques. Herein, the background visuals on the screen tend to shift slower than those in the foreground for triggering a deception of depth. Just take a look at activatedrinks.com to get an idea of such a scrolling design. This element can surely prove to be a wonder for your online business this year.

Retargeting is Becoming Conventional


Sadly, most online marketing experts have still not recognized retargeting as the effective strategy to increase the page rank and consequently popularity. Retargeting refers to a way of bringing your ads in front of the target audience once they leave your site without converting. In case you have considerable budget for your site as well as marketing campaigns, you truly need some expansion in it so that it becomes possible to remind those who have left your site. You can go for this option by taking the help of apps such as Google Remarketing and Bizo.

Go Mobile for More Visibility


It goes without saying that billions of people have started using smartphones for accessing the Internet. With iPad, iPhones, Android, e-readers, and tablets; your scope of Internet marketing via mobile channels has drastically widened.


Bio: James White is a certified Internet marketing professional having an experience of three years. He desires to become a famous personality when it is the matter of formulating some innovative Internet Marketing/SEO strategies. James is much inspired by Eric Schiffer.