Search Engine Optimization is a fine tool to make an income and to create a positive impact on business. It is a natural and gradual process which is most effective on the long run if regulations and strategies are followed. Business websites using SEO methods can be more valuable and relevant for the target market through acquiring quality back links and page rank increase by usage of memes.


Internet memes are images, quotes, stories, audio and video clips that imply a particular concept. This memes is then posted on multiple websites as adverts and pop ups. Memes have two vital SEO properties that make it an ideal tool for link building and to get quality back links. Memes are widely used to distract and get people’s attention and for other entertainment purposes. Most Social Medias like YouTube and Facebook benefit from memes. Memes are normally funny pictures whit witty quotes with bright captions designed to grab a person’s attention in a short span of time. Memes are meant to be humorous as a good joke with a funny picture is often shared between friends using social networks.

All that is required to make a meme is some basic Photoshop skills and a very good sense of humor. For those who do not know how to use Photoshop, they can access free tools that can be found online like Quick meme and meme generator. Using these tools a meme can be created within seconds. Funny captions and jokes can be found using the many search engines. The trick in creating a meme is to make it unique; it is always good to burrow ideas from different popular memes and to recreate a unique meme as it will grab someone’s attention more easily.

Acquire Quality Back links:

Acquiring quality back links for SEO purposes is a most effective tool. Generating back links is useful in many ways; most search engines like Google expect high quality back links as quality is what really matters. The quality of a link is determined by the content it has and how much it is related to the keyword for the website that is being optimized for. For example the target keyword is for “Adidas jump suits” quality links for Adidas jump suits has to be found. Here are some useful link strategies”

  • Article Directories:

Try and pen down articles with original content that can be submitted to different article directories. To get excellent quality back links for a website article directory can be very useful. Every time one or more of your articles are submitted and published online the writer gets an opportunity to place quality back links to redirect someone to your website.

  • Posting Comments:

Posting comments on others blogs, forums and articles is a most effective way of generating quality back links for one’s website. Comments have to be posted on a high page ranking website and the website has to be relevant to the keyword of your website. Always look to post honest and useful comments and avoid spamming at all causes.

These are some useful tips for using memes to increase page traffic and acquire quality back links.