young woman designing a websiteThere are many different thoughts on web design. Some of what you will hear will help you stand out, and some of what you will hear can actually make it more difficult to have that spectacular website that gets people’s attention. If you want to be able to have a website that people don’t forget and continuously come back to, here are a few pieces of advice that you should steer clear of.

Your Friends Can Make You Better Websites Than the Pros Because They Know You

Your friends do know you, that is correct, but they do not know you in a way that is going to help you in terms of your web design. They may even be web designers on the site who can help you create a basic site for your customers. However, they likely do not know the ins and outs of website design like you need. There are very specific components to web design that make an impact and that give you the website that customers are going to enjoy using. Without training to know what those components are, your website is going to be missing components that could help convert your visitors into customers.

The Price of a Professionally Designed Website is Not Worth It

The expense of having a professionally designed website is not just spare change, but it is also an investment in both your company and your brand. Having a professional design your website gives you all of the necessary components to keep customers engaged, rank well in terms of SEO, and keep your customers coming back for more. This alone makes the expense worth it, as a professional website is far more likely to get and retain customers, leading to more sales, than one done by a novice.

Your Website Should Meet Your Own Personal Needs

If your website is only for your use, then by all means, design it to meet your own needs. However, if the point of your website is to show customers how you can help them solve problems they are experiencing, then you want to design your website to meet their needs. Show them that you understand where they sit. Explain to them how you can see their problems and how you can provide the solutions they need to get back up and running again. Show them that what they need is your focus, and you are sure to convert more visitors into buying customers.

Your Website Just Needs to Look Great

Looking great is only one component for a great website. However, if your website looks good, but doesn’t have the content to match the visual style of the website, you are still going to lose customers. You need to make sure that your website looks great, and has the content to enhance the attention that your visuals were able to grab.

You Only Need to Focus on SEO Once Your Website is Live

A lot of people think this bit of bad advice is true. This could not be further from the truth. The way you set up your website has to be considered prior to setting up a single page. The more you can do before you set up your website, the better SEO you will have right out of the gate. Take the time to research the keywords you want to hit and make sure they are as much a part of your website as the design and the content.

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