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Trends come and go but some will stay and impact not only website design but our lives as well. Take for example the flat design popularized by iPhone some years back. It affected everything from electronic devices to design. 2018 is no different than any other year and some of what is trending will stick around and impact us all one way or another. Here are a few trends you can expect during the next year.

uneven gridsGrid Designs That Are Uneven

When it comes to getting someone’s attention, few things do that more than placing something slightly unexpected in their field of view. That is one of the benefits of considering an uneven grid design. It is commonly called a broken grid. This is when you have two squares (or rectangles) of information that do not exactly line up next to each other. One is higher than the other, and they may even be different colors and shapes. The more you differentiate them, the more people will want to read what they have to say.

Away from Simple Pictures

Everyone knows that the pictures you place on your website can make or break the user’s experience in many ways. However, 2018 is already predicted to steer away from just having simple pictures on most websites. Many of them are directing themselves towards illustrations instead. Some will use a combination of both pictures and drawings to get different points made. If you are a stickler with the pictures you want on your website, you may want to adjust to this one now so that it doesn’t catch you off-guard.

different shapesDifferent Shapes

You are going to see more unique shapes on website pages in 2018 than ever before. There is nothing perfectly straight in nature, so why should there be on websites? Look at websites now and see how many of them are already updating to this trend. You will start to see that they are taking on curves, obliques, and even random shapes that do not seem to make sense. This is to draw in the eye and bring some attention to the point. It seems to be accomplishing this task quite effectively so far.

Different Transitions

One thing that you have rarely seen in the past is a page transition that keeps your attention. What you normally see is a transition that simply goes from one page to another, perhaps with a black screen appearing for a moment. Now, you may notice that part of one page begins to scroll while the new page comes into focus. Or, you may notice things like pages loading from the top down, or even the bottom up. However you plan to transition the pages of your website, make sure it is different than the other bazillion websites out there that simply transition from one page to the next with no fanfare, if you want to stand out.

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