Comparing two fonts

Which would you rather have? The standard size above or the a larger size.

Web design trends are constantly on the move. Each year, something old comes back, and something new that was huge over the last year, fades out. The only way to be able to make sure your website offers what you need it to, is to constantly keep up with the changing trends. Very few people have time to keep up with all of the trends, so we decided to help you out and do it for you! Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on over the next year. How does your website compare?

Make It So Viewers Can Read It!

One of the biggest trends to be watching for over 2017 is using large type fonts. It makes it easy for visitors to see what you have to offer, and leave the information out there in no uncertain terms. Don’t be afraid to use a clear font that is easy to read. Just make sure it’s set up to be large enough for your average visitor to be able to know what it says without needing to look twice.

Stand Out From the Crowd

There are a lot of websites out there that look very similar. You open them up, see the same block pattern, and lose interest. So, change up what your viewers see. Don’t have them come to a page that looks like all the rest. Have them come to something unique that is going to have them stop and pause to really look at your page. Use patterns that aren’t the norm. Use pictures sparingly. Change up what your viewers come across, and you are likely going to convince them to stay longer than average.

Looped Videos Can Garner Some Needed Attention



If you open up some random website and it has a looped video, often referred to as a cinemagraph, you are likely going to stop and watch at least one loop of the video to see what it’s about. If your website is that random website for your visitors, the same rule applies. They are going to stop, see what’s there, and hopefully stick around if they like what they see. Pick something that is going to catch their attention and still be relevant to whatever you have to sell.

Using Some Personality to Gain Interest

For many years, the only goal a website had was to provide information. The pictures were flat and boring, and the words didn’t show off anything that could be mistaken as unprofessional. Today, that’s all changing. The pictures are progressing from boring to fun and even whimsical, where applicable, and the words are starting to show that companies are backed by people, too. If you want to bring your website current, then insert a few illustrations or graphic images. Read through your content, and show off your personal style. Be human, so the humans looking at your site will feel as though you are relatable.

Don’t be afraid to try and keep your website current. It’s a great thing to do, and it’s going to help you rank higher and get more attention. Just make sure you are keeping up with the right trends. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, don’t try and fix things, because if you fix the wrong thing, it could damage your reputation and hurt your website more than help it. Hire professionals to keep your website trendy and relevant. Hire the best Huntsville web design team around. Your users will love you taking that step for them!

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