Web Design Visuals That May Affect Your Traffic

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There have been a few changes in web design this year, and they equate to changes you may need to make to start 2017 off right. If you have been considering an upgrade to your existing website, read through the following and see which apply to you. If you notice that you need a few of these updates, you may want to consider that upgrade sooner, rather than later.

Social Media Effects

Instead of having splashes of color and bits of information in a random pattern, now, websites are being built to resemble the cards of popular social media networks. The layouts are stacked and organized, with each category of information falling under a specific card. Then, you can open up the card and find the information you need.

Websites are also being created vertically. Up until recently pages were crammed with content. Even though each page contained specific subject, the user was forced to read the whole page to find the desired information. Now, the information is in capsule form stacked on top of each other in distinct sections. Users can now pick and choose what interest them and click for more information without wasting valuable time. This also accommodates mobile users, since they make up such a large portion of internet users.

Focus Has Gone Farther into User’s Experience

All websites should be designed with the end user in mind. That was the sole purpose all along. However, now, the experience the user has is even more important than it used to be. Here are two quick examples. First, as of the first of the year (2017), Google is going to once again change how sites are ranked. If your website accepts personal information or payments, and you do not have an SSL for your website, your rank will go down. This is to make sure the user’s experience is safe.

Second, sites that require a person to click away an ad, a sign up, or something similar, this is also likely going to negatively impact your site’s rank. This detracts from the user’s experience, and that is going to make a significant difference in what type of a rank you get. This can be difficult, as that is how a lot of website’s currently get the opt-in information from their visitors. That is going to require a lot of websites to change how they operate in order to keep their rank.

Connectivity is a Must in Today’s Websites

If you are going to have a website in today’s market, you need to be connected. This means you must have a way your visitors can take advantage of. This doesn’t mean you need to force it on them, but have an area where they can follow you on the different social media platforms. Be available to your visitors. They have questions, concerns, or comments that you need to hear and address. Show them you are connected before the sale, and they are more likely to continue to be a customer through and after the sale as well.

Other ways to make that important connection are contact forms, review forms, feedback forms or even a chat option. Essentially anything that allows the user/customer to ask questions besides making a phone call.

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