What to Consider When Developing a Responsive Website Design

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When Ethan Marcotte coined responsive design, he gave it a combination of three techniques: fluid grids, fluid images, and media queries. Today, a responsive design could mean anything as long as it’s compatible with mobile, desktop, and tablet (in that order).

Here’s what our eCommerce web designers would like you to consider while developing a website.

User Experience

User experience or UX is as important to a website as a mobile-first approachAnything involving interaction constitutes a user’s experience. In eCommerce, this could mean a customer’s first brush with your product or service.

A Starbucks To-Go Cup Beside a Monitor Screen Showing a Web Designer for eCommerce Working on the PC, Mobile, and Tablet Versions of a Website

User experience can mean providing useful and honest information, making something look easy through online demos, and ensuring a service so satisfactory that your visitors would be hard-pressed not to buy your products and recommend them to everyone around them.


Engagement on a mobile device differs from that on a tablet or desktop. While you have more space to include content on the latter, you might have limited graphics and text on the former.

Saying more with less is an important part of responsive white label web design. Getting it right means communicating your key message and only that message; it means displaying your primary action front and center. For instance, if ‘Buy Now’ is your primary action, that shouldn’t be at the bottom of your product web page but in bold font in your audience’s line of vision.

Adaptive Images

A website without flexible or adaptive images can be a real turnoff for first-time visitors. Imagine clicking on a website and seeing a large and pixelated image because someone didn’t want to go through the proper development process.

Pay special attention to how your web graphics will scale from one device to the next through rigorous coding and testing before your website goes live, not after, to avoid a high bounce rate.

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