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When coming up with the perfect web design, there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to have the right amount of content per page, but not too much. Your website needs to be visually stunning, but not too many pictures or it could slow the website down. You need to have some white space to give the eyes a break, but not too much. It is a difficult balancing game. If you do the wrong thing, it can make your website less user-friendly, plus it can deter your customers. That is why turning to a professional web design service is so beneficial.

What Does Texture Do for a Website?

Websites are flat. You look at the page, see words and pictures, and get information. However, they do not need to be. When you go through and add texture to your web design, it brings the website to life. It makes you feel like you are more a part of it than flat words on a flat page. You need to bring in different visual elements if you want the eyes to notice what you have going on. Having a stimulating website helps bring in new visitors, plus it helps bring those visitors back. It is a matter of going through and finding the right texture that make this part of the website stand out.

Where to Bring Texture In

There are plenty of areas on your website where you can bring in texture. However, you have to be careful not to add it into the wrong areas or it can make important elements, like your content, difficult to see. What you want to do is start with the background. Pick a light texture. You do not want one that is overwhelming or makes it to where people cannot tell what your website is about. Just something with a little bit of texture is enough to get started. You can then pick some of those white spaces that your website needs anyway and add a bit of texture into those as well. Remember the images that your website needs? Some of those can be textures as well. They simply need to make sense where you put them. Bring in a texture that goes with whatever the page is talking about. If you are talking about biking or hiking, then texture like rocks, grass, or even clouds makes sense. Adding in texture like chrome diamond-plating or a close-up of cement makes sense if you are talking about a garage or mechanics. Doing something like adding in tiger stripes is only going to deter your point and your visitors.

Where to Avoid Bringing In Texture

You should avoid bringing in any noticeable texture on any part of your website that has words. Tiny bits of texture that are barely noticeable in places like behind the menu or logo may work, but behind content should be avoided. This will make it far more difficult for your viewers to read the information they came to you to find out. Remember, the point of your website first is to inform. If you can do that with stunning visual effects, however, then more power to your website! For more information, reach out to your local Huntsville web design firm. They can show you some of the best textures to add in for your niche, and explain the benefits of doing so. Plus, they can show you just how stunning your website can be by simply letting them bring a bit more visual appeal to your website through texture.

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