Why You Should Constantly Monitor Your Website Performance

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Your website, whether it’s a simple business listing or a full-fledged Woo-commerce store, has a massive impact on your business’ reputation, reach, and profitability. You need a high-performing website to make the right sort of impression on visitors. A high-performing website is intuitive, fast, and offers high-quality content or features (among other things). It’s not enough just to create a high-performance website, though – you need to monitor it constantly and ensure it remains that way. Below, the Huntsville Web Design explains the main reasons you need to constantly monitor your website’s performance.


 Sites go offline

Sites can and do go offline due to reasons like server overloads, attacks, and bugs. Needless to say, when your website goes offline, it’s inaccessible to customers. Every minute it’s offline is a minute you aren’t doing business. If you don’t monitor your site actively, it could be hours before you notice (or, worse, are informed by customers) that it’s down. But if you’re actively monitoring your site, you’ll know immediately when it’s offline and then take steps to get it back up and running again.


 Your website is a reliable source of valuable customer data

Up-to-date customer data can help you make good business decisions, from the business goals to set to the best way to create marketing campaigns. Your website is one of the best ways to gather critical customer data – for free. You can gain insights into their preferences, personality, dislikes, demographics, and more. This information can help you spot customer trends, make predictions, and, eventually, make good business decisions. Acquia explains some types of customer data you can gather.


 Your site’s popularity isn’t constant

Websites may become more or less popular with time. A website’s popularity is invariably tied to its search engine rankings. By monitoring your site’s SEO performance, you can make sure it’s optimized by using the newest search engine techniques and, so, appears higher up in search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Semrush recommends you update your SEO every couple of weeks.


 You need to tweak your website constantly

The best websites are the ones that are constantly evolving. The owners (or developers) upgrade their website in various ways, based on gathered data and customer feedback. Monitoring your website performance will give you clarity on how well existing features or functions are doing, and how best to upgrade them. Examples of features include things like new payment methods, personalization, and VR. APPWRK covers top new features for WordPress websites.

Brushing up your web development skills

If you’re a small business owner or similar who prefers to make and maintain their own website, you may need to work on your web development skills. While WordPress is easy to learn, it’s hard to master. You will likely have an easy enough time making a WordPress site, but making it top-tier and maintaining it long-term could be a challenge. You should locate reliable online resources that you can refer to for specific coding tips, how-to’s, and troubleshooting advice.

Protecting your customer data from a breach

Websites will frequently be hacked, and it’s one of the main reasons websites go offline. WordPress sites have excellent built-in security, but it’s still best you take extra steps to protect your customer data from a breach. Some examples are only collecting virtual data, password-protecting data, and limiting access to data. Monitoring your website will help you know if a hack is in progress and you can quickly take steps to limit the damage, secure the vulnerability, and get it back online.


One of the best ways to secure vital customer data (or other important data) is by putting it in a password-protected PDF file on your file system (as opposed to in a database that can be accessed online). You don’t even need to have this data on your web server. PDFs can be easily encrypted, which makes them next to impossible to open even if breached.


With password protection, you can limit access to only the people who need it. Also, you can lock PDF files to prevent malicious users from making unauthorized changes or inserting malicious content. You can convert most file formats to PDF by using an online tool. All you have to do is drag and drop a file into the tool. Learn to convert a PDF using this tool.


Monitoring a website can bring many benefits, from giving insight into your customers to helping you sell more. You don’t need to manually monitor your website. WordPress comes with in-built monitoring features, not to mention you can download special plugins with additional features. Happy monitoring!

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