Web DesignAnyone who decides to have a website, or upgrade it, is instantly faced with a variety of questions. One of the first is whether they should hire someone to design the site or try and get things done for free. Everyone loves free things, but they aren’t always the best option. There’s a reason that you might not wear a free t-shirt to a job interview. If you want to look your best you need to invest in yourself, whether you’re presenting yourself in person or over the internet.

The best way to make a positive impression online is through professional web design. WordPress might be free but to get the most out of it you should invest in a personalized theme of your very own.

Personalized Design Sets You Apart

With plenty of free templates available online, why not use them? The main problem with this thinking is that it’s such an obvious solution and the path of least resistance. There are thousands of WordPress sites created every day and the vast majority are defined by free templates.

If you use a free option then you are going to look like just another head in the crowd. When your site looks like thousands of other sites it makes your page feel ordinary and cheap. You work hard to ensure that your business stands apart from the rest, your website should help you in this rather than hindering you.

It’s Important To Look Professional

Doing business isn’t just about providing high quality goods or services, it’s about looking professional while doing it. That’s why people show up to work in suits and ties when they could do their job just as well in shorts and flip flops.

Free website templates are the flip flops of the internet world. Some people may be able to pull them off but in most cases it’s better to invest in something a little classier.

A Professional Website Requires Professional Talent

Once people learn the importance of a carefully crafted website they still tend to look for shortcuts to success. Customizing an existing theme may seem like the right solution. The problem is that this process is harder than it looks.

The WordPress platform contains plenty of options to customize themes but the tools are limited by the theme itself and the abilities of the user. Most themes limit the customization that can be done without digging into the code, so that even after making changes the site will still feel like thousands of other web pages.

The final problem is that it’s very difficult to create a professional-grade website. There is a reason that people train for years to learn how to design webpages, it’s an art that needs to be practiced and honed like any other. When amateurs try and design websites they often end up disappointed with the results and unsure of what needs to be done. There’s a thin line between a minimalist site and a page that’s just boring, a site that’s harmonious and one that’s a mess of conflicting colors.

You can put in the months and years of work necessary to learn the art and science of web design, or you can hire someone to do the work for you. If you want a unique and professional quality website those are really your two options.

You Have To Capture Attention Quickly

Even people who understand all of these things might be tempted to go with the free alternative, arguing that the content of a website is what really matters. It’s true that your site needs to provide something of value to succeed, but even the best information and offers can go ignored if it comes in the wrong package.

Consider spam email, do you ever open it? What if you received an email that could change your life? The content of the email doesn’t matter, it looks worthless so it gets thrown away. The internet is filled with websites that are competing for attention, you have to instantly appeal to visitors or risk them clicking over to one of your competitors. A unique and professional WordPress theme is just the thing to capture the attention of surfers, allowing your content a chance to shine.

It’s Never Too Early To Define Your Brand

Whether your site is promoting your business, your professional services, or just your thoughts it’s worth thinking of the brand you are presenting. The most successful businesses all put careful thought into the image they present, and how everything they do connects to create a unified brand. It’s the reason that you can recognize brands like McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Walmart just by the colors they use.

You might not think about your brand, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. If people are paying attention to you then they are developing an opinion of you. If you take the time to craft an image then you can take steps to control the way people feel about you. You don’t have to do this, but if you don’t then you are just leaving things up to chance.

A well designed and personalized website is one of the best ways to define yourself online. Take control of your image, invest in professional web design.

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