WordPress the CMSAs a modern business owner you know that every day can be a balancing act. Your business doesn’t just need a physical presence in your community, it needs an online presence too. More and more people are willing to overlook a company that doesn’t have some sort of a website.

You probably know that you need a website, but there’s a gap between knowing what you need and deciding how to get it. There are a lot of ways to build your own website, from coding it yourself from scratch to using a prebuilt, template-based site. On one end things are hopelessly complicated, and on the other things simplistic and inflexible.

WordPress is the platform that strikes a balance between these extremes. It’s a combination of simplicity and power that is perfect for anything from a small business or multinational firm.

It’s Easy To Use

The number one priority of every business owner is actually running their company. While having a website is essential in today’s economy that doesn’t mean that you can afford to put aside the day to day work of running your business to constantly tweak your homepage.

With WordPress you don’t need to learn anything about coding to add new pages and posts to your website. The dashboard used to create WordPress pages is robust enough for a programmer, but simple enough for someone with no technical expertise. As soon as you know where everything is you can add new content to your website as quickly as you can write an email or report.

Whether you decide to update the site yourself or hire someone to do it for you, the tools WordPress contains will make the work speed by.

It’s Simple To Add New Features

When a website is built from scratch it means that just about every new feature and function that is added has to be built from the ground up also. Even adding in premade programming takes advanced knowledge of coding, especially if you want a certain level of customization. This doesn’t need to be the case with WordPress.

While you certainly can create your own features or hire someone to make them for you, it’s also possible to add even highly complicated scripts to your site in just minutes. WordPress allows webmasters to install new programing to their site quickly and easily using plugins. If you visit the WordPress Plugin Director you can search through thousands of plugins that you can add to your site to make it more useful to visitors.

This system also allows you to grow your site. You don’t have to rebuild the page every time you want to add a new feature, by adding plugins your site can grow with your business.

It Makes E-commerce A Breeze

Running a purely informational website can help your business grow, but if you want to start selling to a global audience then e-commerce is the way to go. An e-commerce page is a site that operates like a storefront, allowing people to look at items for sale and make purchases. It’s ideal for businesses that revolve around selling physical or digital goods.

Just a short while ago e-commerce was the realm of companies with the money to build complicated sites or programmers who could create their own store infrastructure. With WordPress the process is highly simplified. All you have to do is find a good e-commerce plugin, install it, and set things up. You could be selling your product online within a day!

It Allows You To Focus On What’s Important

The digital realm can be a complicated place. If you even dip your toes in questions of web design and development you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information there is online. By simplifying the essentials of running a website without dumbing down the machinery that keeps the site going, WordPress allows users to harness the full power of modern of modern technology without having to become an expert in HTML.

This is perfect for business owners because it means that you can get the website you need without having to divert too much of your attention away from your business. Investing in services like web design is still essential to making your site look as professional as possible, but when you have a WordPress site designed for you every dollar you spend can go farther. Building from scratch will always allow for a higher level customization, but if you’re like most small business owners investing in a complicated website is unnecessary and overly expensive.

If you want your business to succeed it needs a website, and it needs your attention. Don’t divide your efforts unnecessarily, by choosing WordPress you can easily balance updating your site and running your company. It’s the balanced solution to the needs of the modern business owner.

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