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Your website’s speed is an issue that can cause you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you will lose visitors if your website is too slow, while other times, it can be even more detrimental than that. For at least the last few years, Google has also added in the speed of your website as one of the many factors it considers along with your rank. If the site doesn’t respond quickly, your ranking will drop. Here are a few things you should know about website speed and how to better yours so you can get the type of ranking you want.

Google Tells Us We Need Rapid Response Web Pages

Even though Google has not released exactly how much of their algorithm is affected by speed, it is fair to think that it is at least a substantial contributing factor since they have talked about it for quite a few years. People have been trying to figure out the precise algorithm for years, to no avail. However, the data that has been studied shows that faster sites rank higher than slower ones. This should tell you that you want your site to respond quickly, even if you don’t understand how much of an impact this statistic has.

high speed super heroUnderstanding the Impact of Page Speed

If you want to see how speed can affect your website, here are a few stats to help drive home the point. Consider these and see how your website ranks, in your eyes:

  • Two out of five visitors will leave a website that doesn’t load within three seconds
  • Over half of online shoppers use page speed to help them determine if they should be loyal to a website or a brand’s website
  • Nearly half of all visitors to a website have the expectation that in under two seconds, a website should be loaded and usable
  • More than 15% of visitors are unsatisfied at a single second of web delays
  • Over 10% of people will stop viewing your website at one second of a delay, and not come back
  • Your website could experience nearly 10% of a loss in conversion at that same one-second delay

Do you want to leave your speed to chance after seeing how much a delay can affect not only your customers, but also your conversions?

Ways of Speeding Up Your Website’s Pages

One way to increase your website’s speed is to keep pages to a minimum. The more elements you have on a page, the longer that page is going to take to load for a visitor. Make sure you keep the pages easy to use and see, plus quick, if you want a positive rank and user experience. Checkout this guide for 22 tips on how to speed up your website.

Another speed technique is to allow for options that can speed up the response time for your website. By enabling a cache for your website or enabling compression of your larger posts and images, you can create a website that responds quickly the first time, and even more quickly when your visitors return.

Finally, if you want to help decrease your file sizes, you should make sure you are taking out unnecessary elements and using the right files. For example, a big open space can increase how long the page takes to respond. You can also have that same effect if you are trying to use GIFs on your website. Minimize open space that is just for effect, and use JPEGs where possible to help increase how quickly your page loads.

For more information on page speed, or to help you get the faster page speed that Google wants, consider turning to your Huntsville SEO and web design specialists. They know how to get your site performing perfectly, and how to boost how quickly your page loads. They can help!

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