6 Powerful Tips to Boost Website Conversions Using Images

Jan 20, 2022 | SEO, Web Design | 0 comments

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If you think images are mere adornment materials and great imagery is only used to enhance a website’s design, there’s so much you need to know about the true potential of images. 

From helping achieve high-ranking content to ensuring better conversion rates, they are an essential part of website design.

Despite fantastic website layouts and smart SEO strategies, many online business owners are scratching their heads as they fail to achieve their desired conversions. 

What are they missing?

In this article, we will discuss 6 tips that can help you increase your website’s conversions by using images smartly throughout your website.

  • Use The Best Quality Images

As simple and obvious it may sound, many online stores and businesses do not seem to take image quality seriously and wonder why their conversion rate is so low. Good quality images increase your brand’s credibility and allow users to trust your product.

Blurry images or pictures taken carelessly put customers on their guard and prevent them from making a purchase. Quality images that resonate with the textual content help customers believe in your product’s authenticity, consequently making the purchase decision easier.

But there is more to picture quality. Excellent quality could also mean bigger file sizes. And big files are known to slow down a page’s speed. Search engine crawlers are not a fan of slow pages.

The key is to experiment with different image formats and try various compressions rates to find the perfect combination of quality and size.

  • Be Creative With Your Pictures

Don’t just be content with simple and straightforward pictures. Your job is not to simply put your product out there. You have to be creative with the images to compel customers to buy what you sell. How can you do that? 

By offering context, for starters.

For instance, you are an online apparel store. So, instead of displaying spread-out clothing items or showing them simply on mannequins, you could have models wear them and pose around in different attractive scenarios.

You could also try different angles, postures, and backgrounds. Remember, the more, the better. Another good idea is to select a default picture for one product and leave the rest as clickable images. This way, you can add as many images as you like without weighing down the page.

With creative pictures, you can control the customer’s perception of your product the way you want. It would subsequently increase the chances of achieving more conversions.

  • Add A Zoom-In Feature And 360° Spin

If you are an online store that sells items with intricate details, adding a zoom-in feature will allow customers to get an up-close look at the product. When buyers are offered to examine each part of the product through this nifty feature, they can make the buying decision more confidently.

With a zoom-in feature already in place, adding a 360° spin option to your images will serve as a cherry on top. These two features will contribute to your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

  • Avoid Overused And Cheesy Stock Images

The utility of stock images cannot be denied or underestimated. They are cheaper compared to original photographs, and a plethora of versatile images are readily available for instant use. 

But, as these images are available to everyone, you could risk using ones already being utilised by others. This could adversely impact your business as you may come off as being ingenuine. 

You can purchase stock images from various sources, and use them to upgrade your website’s design and improve its outlook. Many of these image banks also offer amazing animated visuals, icons, and illustrations that can revolutionize your website’s design.

Another great idea would be to customise these images by editing them according to your brand’s needs. You can combine text with pictures, merge multiple images or simply crop them to avoid the risk of being cliche.

  • Use Responsive Pictures

People no longer explore the web chained to their desktop computers. They use smartphones, laptops, and tablets to surf the internet. Every device has a different screen layout.

Suppose your website has the perfect design for a desktop computer, but the images get distorted when opened on a mobile device. In such cases, you will lose users who access your online store on a smartphone or a tablet. With fewer users accessing your online store, your website conversions will decrease.

Hence, your images should respond and adapt to different screen resolutions without getting contorted.

  • Add Some Sentimental Value

People love to buy things they can connect to on a sentimental level. They don’t just buy such things; they bond with them. How can you add an emotional touch to your imagery?

For this, you should first have a clear understanding of your audience. Who are they, and what inspires them? 

Let’s say you run an apparel store online. Your imagery should be different for teenage clothing items as opposed to the pictures you take to sell clothes to adults. The difference in images lies in that sentimental value. For teenagers, the photos could reflect vibrance and energy, whereas, for adults, they may display feelings of sobriety and calm.


As the commerce landscape is moving to online platforms, the competition is getting harder. Everyone wants to stay ahead of their peers, and so, they invest a great deal in getting the best website designed for them. 

Images play a vital role in driving engagement on online platforms, especially eCommerce websites and blogs. What’s more, entire Facebook advertising campaigns are run on the back of top-shelf images.

The simple tips we have mentioned above can help you in a way that actually contributes to your business’s income.

Conversion rates don’t spike overnight. It takes a lot of experimenting and checking what works best for your line of business. These tips might seem quite generic and straightforward, but you can test them according to your unique requirements. Good Luck!

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