9 Tips for the Perfect E-Commerce Website Design

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eCommerce drives the major chunk of sales in the US and Europe. Buying online saves time and is much more convenient than going to a store. As a result, many people shop online for products and services that they would normally have to take out time for.

As an online business owner, you need to make sure that your online store utilizes the best web page design practices. You need to focus on a positive customer experience to attract customers and improve your website conversion rates.

In this blog post, our website design experts offer some invaluable tips that will help you in designing the perfect eCommerce Store.

1. Convenient Navigation

Navigation should be the most important consideration when designing a website. Make sure that the website navigation is user-friendly. Your eCommerce store must have a clear navigation menu that helps in identifying the categories of products you sell online. Many Website Design Companies have case studies that show the importance of navigation in a user’s journey on the website.

Consider grouping products into different segments. You can create segments based on gender, age, and type of products. Users should be able to easily hop from one segment to another. You should also ensure that online users can easily go back to the main page of the website.

2. A Visible Search Bar

A search bar is a must-have feature in an eCommerce store. Make sure that the search icon is approximately displayed on every page of the website.

The common practice is to position the search bar at the top of each page. The search bar should be optimized so that it displays the search results without much delay. Online users should be able to find the required products in the catalog easily and quickly.

A pro web design tip when implementing the search bar is to display suggestive terms. The predictive key terms should be displayed as users type on the search bar. This will speed up the search process which will have a positive impact on the website conversion rates.

3. Shopping Cart Icon on Every Page

A good eCommerce store has a shopping cart icon on every page of the website. The shopping basket should be placed on the top right corner of the web pages. The shopping cart should display items added by the customers.

You should go a step further by displaying the shopping cart preview when people hover their mouse over the cart icon. The preview should display the products in the cart and the total amount. Adding and optimizing the shopping cart will help improve the conversion rates of your online store.

4. Implement Live Chat

Live chat is another must-have feature of an eCommerce store. You should let customers contact your customer representatives with a click of a button. The live chat feature will help your prospective customers in making informed purchase decisions. It will also allow your sales personnel to close deals and upsell or cross-sell products.

You can find live chat plugins for WordPress websites. A better alternative is to hire a professional Huntsville web page designer to design the live chat feature. This will help in designing a secure and custom live chat that meets your requirements.

5. Add Customer Testimonials and Reviews

You must aim for building customer trust with online shoppers. One effective way to achieve this aim is to include a customer testimonial for every product. Allow customers to post reviews about the products and services sold online.

You shouldn’t worry about negative customer reviews. The negative reviews also provide an opportunity to build rapport with online users. You should actively resolve customer complaints by replying to each concern of customers. The effort you make in resolving customer issues will reflect positively on the online users.

6. Clear Returns and Refund Policies

You must include a section on returns and refund policies. The section should provide information about your company’s policies for product returns and refunds. This will help avoid confusion and allow customers to know about situations when they return a product and claim a refund.

Consider asking your customers to make a video when unpacking the product. This will help confirm a defective product. You should also clearly mention whether the product return charges will be borne by your company or the buyer.

7. High-Quality Images

You should include high-quality images of every product on display on your website. You don’t have to hire a professional to capture photos. You can capture high-quality images using a flagship smartphone with good camera quality.

Consider taking images from multiple angles. Also, provide a zoomed-in preview when users hover mouse over a product.  These features will help users in making an informed decision when buying a product.

8. Top Selling Product Section

A must-have feature for a website is a top-selling product section. You should include products that most people buy from your website. Adding the section will help users in making the right purchase decision and improve the website conversion rates.

9. Call to Action

You should not just describe products and services. It is important that your website also has a prominent call to action on each page.

You should encourage online users to buy by offering discounts and offers. You can offer freebies to entice users to purchase products and services.

Avoid one or two line CTAs like Buy Now, Shop Now, or Contact today. You should write longer CTAs with four or more words, such as “See Our Latest Deals” or “Buy Today to Avail XX Percent Savings”. The goal of the CTA is to convince users to take action.

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