Google Helpful Content Update for December 2022: Why It’s Critical for Huntsville SEO?

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Google’s latest content update was released a few months ago, which was reviewed in-depth in one of our previous articles. The update rewards content written from the perspective of the readers. It devalued poorly written content that focused solely on search engines.

The search engine giant then released another Google Content update, which will be the topic of discussion in this blog post.

Google Content Update for December 2022: An Overview

Google officially launched the latest Google Content update on December 5th. The focus of the algorithm update is on working with content in multiple languages. Experts say that the rollout may take two to three weeks to take effect.

The latest content update has improved the classifier for international languages. This update signals that Google wants you to focus on localized content.

Google’s search engine algorithm will now recognize content that has been translated poorly. It will devalue content that does not add much value for users doing online searches.

The action of Google is perfectly logical. It wants to focus on search engine users who help it to generate online revenues. The update tells website owners that they should also focus on the end client of Google, or get their website demoted.

How to Update Your Content Strategy Based on the Latest Algorithm Update

Google will devalue website content with low-value content. You need to create content that users who search for specific keywords will find helpful.

Remember that your website won’t rank high if most of the content of the site is not helpful for readers. Low-value web content will be like poison that will affect the performance of the entire website.

With the release of the December 2022 update, Google will better identify poor-quality content written by content spinning and AI-content creation tools.

Google stated after the release of the latest update that it was an ongoing effort to make it easier for users to find authentic and useful content.

So, how can you write content that Google deems to be helpful? Here are some tips that will help you get started.

1. Unique Content

You must focus on creating unique content for your website. The content should be original. It should not be an exact rewrite of another article.

You can get information and inspiration from other content. But make sure that your content is completely original and authentic. It should have a unique ‘brand voice’ that represents your company.

2. Expert Reviews

You must create content that offers views regarding a topic by experts.

Reviews by real industry experts will help you in connecting with people. Think for a while about the reason the blog sites of Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, and Larry Kim are so popular. People love to read reviews written by people who are experts in their fields.

You can’t be an expert on every topic. Consider contacting individuals who are experts in their respective fields to give their opinions regarding a topic. This will result in a stimulating read for online readers.

You can contact a networking professional to write a blog on cybersecurity from his perspective. Experts will provide unique insights into different topics. This will help in attracting more readers to your website which will result in improved search engine rankings.

3. Avoid Using AI Content Creation Tools

AI-content creation tools do a great job of fooling readers. It cannot create unique content that is helpful for the readers.

Experts have stated that using AI-content tools violates guidelines of Google. So, if you have been previously using AI tools to create content you should stop wasting your money.

With the release of Google Content Update in September and the most recent update in December, Google will crack down more on auto-generated content. You must avoid taking shortcuts to boost website rankings.

Instead, it is recommended that you hire professionals for crafting original and useful content. No software can match the ingenuity of the human mind. If you want to produce valuable content, you should rely on human writers rather than AI.

4. Use Content Creation Tools

Consider investing in content creation tools such as Clearscope.io for generating content ideas. The content tool will suggest topics and keywords for crafting unique content. It will also rank content based on specific metrics that will let you know if the content is valuable for readers.

You can also use tools such as Headline Analyzer from Coschedule.com for creating headlines that drive traffic and shares for your blog post.

The LSI keyword generator tool is also a good resource for writing quality content. You can use the tool for finding keywords that will help you attract online traffic to your site.

5. Avoid Clickbait Titles

Clickbait titles may help you drive a lot of traffic, but they will also increase the bounce rate of your website. Google considers bounce rate as a negative metric for a website.

If a lot of users spend only a few seconds on your website, Google will consider the content unhelpful for readers. This will result in a reduced ranking of your website.

You must avoid clickbait titles and focus on matching the title with the content. It is also important that the content delivers the value indicated in the headlines. 

6. Speculative Content

Lastly, you should avoid creating speculative content that does not give a definite answer to a question. As suggested in the original Google Helpful Content Update Guidelines, you should not promise to answer a question such as a release date of a movie or product that is not confirmed.


Websites owners with quality and unique websites need not worry about the latest Content update by Google. You should work with consistency in generating content that online readers will find helpful.

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